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10 Tips for Passing the CRP® Exam

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So, you’ve decided to obtain your CRP® designation. Congratulations – the Certified Relocation Professional® is a highly-regarded designation recommended for all those within the U.S. relocation industry – but first, you need to pass the exam. The CRP® exam is comprised of 110 questions that cover Program and Policy, Real Estate, and Counseling and Other Services.

Studying for the exam can be stressful and seem daunting, but these useful tips from Dwellworks' recent CRP® designees and trainers can help you prepare.


1) It’s never too early to start studying. Depending on which format you choose (internet-based test vs. paper-and-pencil format), the exam will be scheduled for either May or June. Putting off studying until April probably isn’t the best idea, even if you consider yourself to be an ‘expert procrastinator.’ January or February is a good time to start studying.

2) Schedule time to study, and stick to your schedule! Most people think at least an hour of studying per weekday is sufficient, with more time allotted for the weekends. If you don’t stick to your schedule, you can fall behind in your efforts.

3) Find a study buddy or organize a study group. Not only is this helpful when you have questions about the material, but it can also be a great support system – and can make studying less of a chore.

4) Read the materials very thoroughly, and use them as a basis for studying. This might seem like a no-brainer, but many unsuccessful test takers felt like they didn’t need to study because they’ve been in the relocation industry for many years and already knew everything. All the questions and answers come directly from the materials, so even if the materials conflict with your own personal experiences, the answers are from the materials, and that’s all that counts.

5) Talk to people who have already taken (and passed!) the exam. They can provide valuable insights as to how the exam is structured and particularly how exam questions are posed. The exam is unique in that the questions can be complex with multiple correct answers, and you will need to choose the answer that is the most correct.

6) Utilize study aids such as flashcards and practice exams. Flashcards can help with memorization, and answering practice questions can help you strategize how you plan on tackling the actual exam. Be careful though – there are a lot of old exams floating around on the internet, and not all have correct answer keys. It’s best to use the practice exams for just that – practice – and not content.

7) Attend study sessions led by someone familiar with the exam and the process (if possible). Dwellworks’ Hank Roth offers classes for those prepping for the exam, and many have found them to be extremely helpful.


1) Keep calm. The biggest obstacle to doing well on the exam is fear and anxiety. Taking the test can be intimidating, but remember to breathe and try to relax. The best way to stay calm is to come prepared, and the best way to come prepared is to study.

2) Don’t spend too much time on any one question. Some people can get bogged down on questions they don’t know and end up running out of time. Remember, you only need to get a score of 500 out of 800 to pass, so if you don’t know a question, skip it and come back to it later if you have time.

3) Go with your gut and trust yourself. Your first instinct of the right answer is usually correct, so don’t waste time second-guessing yourself.

You can find more information on the CRP® designation and resources for taking the exam on the Worldwide ERC® website.

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