Dwellworks Launches PreservTrac: a National Maintenance and Repair Competitive Bidding System for Inventoried Properties

Dwellworks, LLC announces the addition of PreservTrac, a new real-time bidding system for Inventory Maintenance and Property Management. The system obtains the best value solution for maintenance and repairs of homes in property and inventory management via real-time bidding by insured and licensed contractors.

The new web-based system offers custom reporting, real-time status updates and work order placement with instant messaging to not only contractors and field crews, but also the client. “We are excited to provide this complete solution for our clients,” stated Bob Rosing, CEO of Dwellworks. “This system brings true repair and maintenance continuity to property and inventory management on a national basis.”

James Conigliaro, Senior VP of Operations for Dwellworks noted: “The development of this system allows us to bring our metrics-driven approach to this under-served segment of the relocation supply chain. Dwellworks brings process controls and discipline to repair and maintenance services. This enables relocation professionals and listing agents to focus on these critical aspects of the home sale process.”

An experienced contractor is on staff to qualify service providers and act as a resource to ensure a smooth and effective repair process. Dwellworks plans to offer the service solution to its clients by late May.

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