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Metro Detroit Housing Sales Jump 7%

A recent article in The Detroit News indicates that in January there were further signs of growing stability in the Metro Detroit housing market.  The standing inventory of homes is down 21% from last January with non-foreclosure sales growth of 7%. Sales jumped 7% last month in the four-county region with all-cash purchases accounting for […]…
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The Evolution of the Relocation Industry and Home Sale Programs

Relocating employees to different regions of the country or the world has been ongoing for hundreds of years. The Dutch East India Company “began relocating” their employees to carry out colonial activities in Asia in 1602. Three centuries later in the 1950′s, corporate relocation as we know it began in the United States and it […]…
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Foreclosures on the Rise

On October 24th, RealtyTrac, the nation’s top resource and foremost authority on the foreclosure housing market, released a report indicating that activity is once again on the rise.  Foreclosure filings were up 14% in Q3 over the previous quarter.  This serves as a warning that foreclosure properties will once again become commonplace in many markets. […]…
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