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Government Shutdown Effect – Social Security Applications

Here is the latest information on the impact the partial US government shutdown may have on relocation services, from the Social Security Administration (SSA): Effective with a Federal Government Shutdown October 1st, Social Security field offices will remain open with limited services.  Social Security card centers will be closed. Field offices will NOT be able to […]…
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Redesigning Security

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has started issuing the redesigned Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and Certificate of Citizenship (Form N-560).  In an effort to increase security and efficient authentication the redesigned documents incorporate new security features.   Foreign nationals with an unexpired EAD card issued before October 25, 2011 will be issued a redesigned card […]…
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Eliminating American Stereotypes

Workforce training programs provide expatriates preparing for US assignment an opportunity to share their “cultural baggage”.  Mary Beauregard of Global LT, a cultural and language support company, shares a cross-cultural training exercise used with expatriates to better understand their preconceived US American stereotypes.   The exercise serves to launch further discussion on culture beyond the US […]…
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From Globalization to the Mega-region

National Georgraphic interviews author Richard Florida: “Whether we’re in France, the United States, China, or Japan, we tend to eat the same foods, wear the same clothes, drive the same cars. But then simultaneously, people are trying to find what’s unique and authentic in the world, and that interest makes those things rise in value. […]…
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30-day ban on air shipments of personal effects

Passport?  Check!  Visa?  Check!  Airline ticket?  Check!  Personal effects?  Not so quick… International assignees are welcome to travel to the US, but will likely have to wait for their air shipment.  Effective November 8th, aircraft carriers are subject to a 30-day ban on “elevated risk” cargo inbound to the US.  Per the increased security measures […]…
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Airport customs in 40 seconds

For a fee of $100 and a scan of their fingertips, US citizens and lawful permanent residents can take advantage of the Global Entry Kiosk to get through customs in as little as 40 seconds; a small price to pay for some frequent fliers who often spend up to an hour in line.  As detailed […]…
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