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The State of the Unions

The United States and European Union represent two of the three largest economies in the world by gross domestic product (GDP), producing $17.46 trillion and $17.61 trillion respectively in 2014. Together, these two economies generate nearly one-third of the global GDP of $107.5 trillion. While there is always some level of uncertainty in the market, […]…
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The Next Bay Area

For much of the previous half-century the top destinations for young college graduates have been Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; and New York, NY. Over the years, these locations have earned a reputation that attracts future college graduates to continue relocating to the city. Recently, however, new cities have broken the “status quo”, and established […]…
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London Rental Price Growth Predicted

According to research published by Knight Frank, average rents in prime central London rose by 0.3% in April (the second consecutive monthly increase) but are still falling on an annual basis, down 1.2% year-over-year. Their research revealed that rents are broadly flat in prime outer London, and slightly down year-over-year in the Home Counties. Rents […]…
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RentalRaters – Online Reviews of UK Rental Properties

For the first time, a national website called RentalRaters has launched that enables tenants to review their rental properties in a way similar to TripAdvisor. The new website is the brainchild of 40-year-old Hannah Williams, who rents a property in London with her two children. Speaking to The Independent, she said, “The main catalyst for […]…
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UK Order for Letting Agents to Publish All Fees

Letting Agents will soon have to publish full details of the fees they charge to ensure a fair deal for both landlords and tenants. The UK Government recently announced the plans which are intended to prevent rogue agents imposing unreasonable, hidden charges and make the lettings industry more transparent for all concerned. The current guidelines […]…
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Close Neighbors: Understanding the Experience of Moving Between the US and Canada

Dwellworks conducted a study in collaboration with The Interchange Institute (a non-profit research and training organization) on US-to-Canada and Canada-to-US transfers, in light of the often noted but rarely studied difficulties during moves between similar cultures. Using interviews and an online survey tool, in-depth information was gathered regarding the practical and emotional challenges facing over […]…
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Future of the U.S. Rental Market

With the U.S. national apartment vacancy rate expected to remain low moving into 2014, much discussion surrounds the need for more policies catering to transferring employees choosing to rent rather than buy. Michelle Sandlin, Relocation Professional and Correspondent for the Houston Chronicle, presents this issue in her article On the Move: Future of U.S. Rental […]…
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The Balancing Act of Apartment Supply and Demand

According to figures released October 1 by real estate research firm, Reis, Inc., the US national apartment vacancy rate fell to 4.2% in Q3 from 4.3% in Q2. Collecting data in 79 US markets, Reis reported this was the lowest vacancy rate since Q3 2001 when the rate dropped to 3.9%.  While rents have risen […]…
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Government Shutdown Effect – Social Security Applications

Here is the latest information on the impact the partial US government shutdown may have on relocation services, from the Social Security Administration (SSA): Effective with a Federal Government Shutdown October 1st, Social Security field offices will remain open with limited services.  Social Security card centers will be closed. Field offices will NOT be able to […]…
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I-94 and SSN Application Process Update

As of April 30, 2013, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) implemented the automated I-94 process for all air and sea ports. The automated I-94 process means that assignees arriving to the United States will no longer receive a hard-copy version of their I-94, as all information will now be stored electronically. (Note: this does […]…
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