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Do You Need Cultural Training? [Infographic]

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Intercultural training is given to employees to examine cultural differences between nations, to bring awareness to these differences, to help smooth business challenges, and to improve communication.

However, cross cultural training for teams is a fairly new concept to businesses. The need for this training increased steeply as companies grew internationally and worked across cultures. It was quickly discovered that the ignorance of cultural differences was costing companies money when time was lost and negotiations failed.  

Intercultural training is not just for international businesspeople though. What if you’re a:

  • Business traveler?
  • Expat?
  • Employee at a global company?
  • Entrepreneur?
  • Student?
  • Teacher?
  • HR professional?

You still could benefit from learning more about the culture of your coworkers, clients, or students.

Cultural training is constantly changing as cultures evolve from influences, and there is always something new to learn. It is imperative to stay current with proper knowledge in order to navigate a culture effectively. Click the button below to view our flowchart and find out if cultural training could help you!

Image of button do you need cultural training

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