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Dwellworks Intern Blog [Week 11/12]

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As our interns' time at Dwellworks draw to a close, we asked them to look back at the last 12 weeks and describe what their main takeaways of the internship were, as well as if they would recommend the Dwellworks internship to fellow classmates. Their response was overwhelmingly positive, and the team at Dwellworks will miss this year's phenomenal group of students, who taught us just as much as we taught them.

Below are their thoughts from their final week.

Read their blogs from the summer here.


Aruni Prakash | Why I Would Recommend This Internship

As my first internship experience, Dwellworks was an amazing place to work. It was really easy to communicate with everyone in the company, and I felt very comfortable and welcomed throughout my entire time here. It is a great place where you can learn aspects relating to your field of work as well as meet new people. For me, I made great friendships with the other interns, especially my cubicle-buddy, Kat. I had a great time coming to work every day and learning so much about my work style and gaining advice from the employees here. Specifically, I want to highlight the intern project as one of the best parts about this program. The work and effort the interns put into the project not only gave us an end result that was beneficial to the company, but also left me with new team-building and quantitative/technical skills as well. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Dwellworks and highly encourage anyone who lives by the “work hard, play hard” motto to apply!


Leslie Flynn | My Biggest Takeaway from the Dwellworks Internship

My biggest take-away from my summer at Dwellworks has been working with a team that is incredibly patient and helpful. Each time I was assigned a project, the person took the time to explain the task from beginning to end. After letting me try the process, I was always encouraged to ask questions to clarify certain points.

This care and guidance is not common in other companies. I think it is a result of a culture that is used to working with people from all over the world who have unique backgrounds and different approaches to projects. The marketing team members are passionate about sharing what they know and asking one another about best practices.

I hope that in the future, this will make me a better employee. From previous experiences, I know how unsettling it is to be completely unsure about a new task. As I start my professional career, I will aim to be patient, curious, and helpful to my coworkers.


Katharine Zavagno | My Biggest Takeaway from the Dwellworks Internship

After 12 weeks, my time at Dwellworks has come to an end. My internship was an extremely rewarding experience in many different regards. Through my experience in Destination Services, I learned how to thrive in a fast-paced work environment; completing tasks for both international and domestic managers on a daily basis. I am extremely grateful to the Destination Services team for their continual patience and kindness throughout the summer. Dwellworks has provided me with a great example of positive company culture that I hope to find in my future career.

I also want to express my gratitude to the intern team, not only to our Cleveland interns but also to our Detroit and international interns, I am very proud of everything we have accomplished through our group project and know that our success would not have been possible without everyone’s hard work. I feel lucky to have had such a fun group to share this experience with and am hopeful that our friendships continue far beyond this summer. I know that the skills and lessons I gained from my experiences will continue to benefit me throughout my future endeavors, and I am very thankful to everyone at Dwellworks for allowing me this amazing summer experience.


Jeff Britton | My Biggest Takeaway from the Dwellworks Internship

The biggest takeaway from my time here as a 2017 Summer Intern at Dwellworks had nothing to do with the work I was doing- neither the specific content nor the subject matter. What I learned the most was all about why I was doing the work. People at Dwellworks have taken an interest in the company more than simply their job description. They see Dwellworks as a company that is impacted by their work and attitudes, and for that reason I learned about how I wanted to approach my own work now and in the future. Every morning I had the choice to be excited for the day or wish it to be over. Within a week or two at Dwellworks, I learned that while not every day is perfect, the great majority of people come work with an attitude that contributes to a phenomenal culture and people who take pride and ownership of the work they perform.

What I learned from Dwellworks was that I am going to enjoy what I do because in doing so not only did my attitude improve, but the quality of my work improved as well. Thank you Dwellworks.


Maggie Lowman | My Biggest Takeaway from the Dwellworks Internship

My biggest takeaway from this internship is that the best way to learn is by doing. Though I’ve taken marketing and communications classes in the past that offered a glimpse into the profession, my experience here at Dwellworks taught me much more in much less time. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been three months since the start of this internship, because I’ve grown so much both professionally and personally. Between writing blog posts and designing layouts for one-pagers, every day at Dwellworks presented a new project, and though I employed my previous knowledge in many cases, I also found that I learned so much by asking questions, actively engage in the marketing process, and shadowing the marketing team as they corrected and perfected my work.

Overall, this experience has exceeded my expectations in every way, but I am particularly glad to leave with the knowledge that learning does not stop after graduation; if anything, it just becomes more hands—on and interactive. I am confident this will benefit me in upcoming years as I begin my career. Dwellworks has encouraged me to be curios and creative in the workplace, and I cannot wait to continue this practice as a young professional.


Dan Berghaus | Why I Would Recommend This Internship

I would definitely recommend this internship to my friends in school. The associates at Dwellworks truly care about their interns and wish nothing but success for them.

It’s clear that the company does everything in its power to foster a professional learning environment, while also allowing interns to develop skills within their areas of study.

Additionally, working as a part of a global team is a huge benefit that Dwellworks offers interns. It’s so important that students in college are exposed to other cultures since the business world is quickly shifting to a global mindset.

Finally, I would recommend this internship to my peers because of the emphasis on company culture. You aren’t just working when you’re employed at Dwellworks; you’re participating in an amazing body of people who care about each other, the community, and their work.

Dwellworks is a well-rounded company and I would happily recommend this internship to any of my friends seeking employment.


Emily Llewelyn | My Biggest Takeaway from the Dwellworks Internship

I feel like one of the takeaways of the internship for me has been learning what it takes to get things done. Work will suddenly pop up with close deadlines, so it takes some organisation to leave time for last-minute things as well as learning to prioritise what needs to be done first, or what can be done quickly to make time for something else. This is what I’ll be taking back to university with me as I tended to put things off until the last minute when really that only wastes time and adds unnecessary worry. 

I’ve also enjoyed the structure of the work day and I’ll try to stick to it in my upcoming study abroad year (and life in general) as I know how easy it is to focus and stick to a 9-5 now, and it leaves time for doing other things guilt-free. The routine of working over summer has been great and I want to keep it up in the future.

But really, overall, I think the main thing I’m taking away from this internship is the fact that I’ve spent my summer doing work that’s helpful and productive at the same time as learning a lot of things that will help me in the future. I really appreciate my time as a Dwellworks intern, and especially the help and guidance that I’ve been given from everybody in the office here. Being able to have worked in a global business for my first internship has only encouraged me and I’ll work hard to find myself a job doing work that I enjoy and care about as much as everybody does here.


Anna Zschuppe | My Biggest Takeaway from the Dwellworks Internship

My Dwellworks internship has been nothing but spectacular! I truly enjoyed working here and learning new skills that I could carry with me throughout my professional career and daily lifestyle. For anyone reading this who is looking for a job or an internship, APPLY HERE! I can’t say enough good things about the company.

For me, my biggest takeaway from the internship is to GO THE EXTRA MILE. I’ll admit, the saying is cliché, but the amount of people who act on it is minimal. By exceeding expectations and going outside your comfort zone, your team and those around you will notice and remember that about you.

So how do you put this into practice?

  • Suggest projects to complete after finishing your assignments. Don’t just sit there and wait for someone to tell you what to do.
  • Speak up at meetings. People love when interns or new hires aren’t afraid to share their opinions. It breathes a new sort of life and perspective into the company.
  • Grab lunch with your coworkers and teammates. Get to know the people you work with! Networking and friendships go a long way.
  • Take a leadership role on a project. You’ll help your team and company really shine, and you can take ownership in driving actionable results and organizational success.
  • Make every experience a learning experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and in every situation – even the littlest of ones – think to yourself, “What can I take away from this?”
  • Show passion in everything you do… even if you don’t like what you’re working on. Have a positive mentality when assigned to tasks that aren’t your favorite – it’ll help keep your head in the game and help you stay engaged.
  • Always say thank you. Be appreciative of the work you have and the people around you.

Without the experience that I had at Dwellworks, I don’t think that I would have taken these best practices as seriously or truly have seen the value in them.

All in all, make every moment count, and don’t forget to smile along the way!


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