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Dwellworks Offering Intercultural Training to Destination Services Consultants

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Dwellworks is now offering Intercultural Training as professional enrichment for its network of independent Destination Services Consultants (DSCs) in the US and Canada. In an initiative led by Dwellworks’ Supply Chain Manager Cat O’Dell, DSCs are encouraged to participate in a Global Diversity Awareness Orientation, created by a seasoned team of Dwellworks Intercultural trainers with real-world experience and expertise in understanding and supporting the needs of globally mobile families and individuals.

“Dwellworks is committed to a customized and supportive service experience for all the global assignees we serve," explained O’Dell. “We support transferring employees from more than 100 countries, moving into the US and Canada. The goal of the training is to create a culturally-aware and responsive network of DSCs by providing tools, communications guidance, and best practices to them. We also want to raise awareness and appreciation of cultural differences and similarities between people regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, or religion. After we pilot the program, we’ll look at global implementation.”

Courses are 90-minutes in length and cover a range of topics from global diversity and diversity awareness, to stereotypes and perception, to real-life scenarios. Meeting and learning from a Global Intercultural Trainer also provides the DSCs with a continued resource.

The course is offered online within Dwellworks University, and is available to all DSCs. As Dwellworks expands and revamps its DSC on-boarding process, the Global Diversity Awareness training will be strategically embedded in the orientation process.

“Our clients expect us to support them with a diverse, culturally aware network of consultant experts. It is critical for our team to operate with a high level of cultural competency given that we work with people from many different walks of life,” says O’Dell.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Destination Services Consultant for Dwellworks, please visit our JoinDwellworks website for more information.

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