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EU Blue Card Salary Requirement Increase

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The German government has announced next year’s increase of the contribution assessment limit for statutory pension insurance. This annual amount increase also has an impact on the minimum salary requirement for the European Blue Card.

As of January 1, 2018, the minimum salary requirement for non-EU nationals applying for an EU Blue Card in Germany will increase to EUR 52,000 per year, or to EUR 40,560 per year if the applicant will work in a shortage occupation. Shortage occupations in Germany include scientists, mathematicians, doctors, and IT specialists. This salary threshold will apply to new Blue card applications in 2018, as well as renewals.

Requirements to obtain an EU Blue Card

  • Employment contract or binding job offer (local hire, no assignment)
  • Job-related German or approved foreign or comparable foreign higher educational qualification
  • Comparable qualification demonstrated by at least five years of professional experience, if approved by the local authority
  • Proof of minimum annual gross salary, as mentioned above

Dwellworks Destination Services team in Germany can advise on further details, diploma approvals, application forms, and administrative steps for those relocating to Germany.

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Please note that foreign employees are not allowed to work in Germany unless they have a valid work permit / an official authority approval. Working illegally in Germany may lead to heavy fines for both the company and employee.

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