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Germany's Federal Employment Agency Restructured

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German immigration procedures are constantly changing, as national and local immigration authorities address increasing demands and pressure. Germany’s Federal Employment Agency (ZAV Bonn), which manages all work permit applications based on intra-company personnel exchange, recently underwent an internal restructuring process. We anticipate this will result in delays and lengthy processing periods for work permits moving forth.

Prior to this change, processing periods averaged approximately 2 weeks. Now this period will more than double, with work permit applications for Intra-Company Transfers (ICTs) expected to take an average of 4-6 weeks. Based on experience, we anticipate ICT applications may take even longer, around 6-8 weeks, and can be subject to additional documentation requests once submitted.

Dwellworks has over 20 years of experience building solid relationships with local authorities throughout Germany. Through this, we have learned the keys to a successful application process are respecting the Federal Employment Agency’s guidelines as well as providing open and honest communication between Dwellworks, our clients and their company’s HR team.

The Federal Employment Agency is asking all companies to consider this extended processing period when planning their assignments, as there are no options for expedited processing. With Dwellworks Visa and Immigration services, we offer clients the opportunity to discuss their requirements with their assigned Program Manager ahead of any application investment. Our Visa & Immigration team will assess the requirement and provide an honest and transparent application time frame and success rate projection. This allows the company to manage internal departmental expectations and avoid any unnecessary costs and negative impacts on the application process.

Please contact your Dwellworks Account Manager or our Visa and Immigration team with any questions.

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