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Intern Blog: Week 2

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From now until August, each week, two of our summer interns will be highlighted as they reflect upon their experiences and work while employed with Dwellworks.

This week, we put the spotlight on Alison Sukys, our Valuation Services intern in Cleveland and Cory Halfast, our Information Technology intern in Cleveland, as they write about their most recent week of work and their time thus far at Dwellworks.

Working at Dwellworks

Alison Sukys, Valuation Services, Cleveland

Happy (almost) Memorial Day! I can’t believe that I am finishing up my second week as an intern at Dwellworks. It’s been a crazy two weeks—filled with meeting so many friendly people, learning my role within Valuation Services, and getting the hang of working full time. I’ve had such a great time learning all about Dwellworks as a company, and I am so excited to see what the summer brings for all of the interns!

Dwellworks is a fantastic company to be an intern for! This past Monday, I participated in a “wellness” walk to Quicken Loans Arena with a few other employees and interns to celebrate the Cavs in the playoffs and work on creating a healthy lifestyle—even while working a full time job! Additionally, I went to lunch with the other Cleveland interns on Wednesday afternoon. We walked a few blocks over to a park with lots of delicious food trucks to choose from! It was great getting to meet the other interns from different departments and learn about their responsibilities, as well as a bit about their own backgrounds!

One of the best parts about working at Dwellworks is the laid-back, relaxed environment. Everyone is friendly and so willing to help and offer guidance. One of the things I am most looking forward to is getting to know more of the employees and understanding the greater role of each department. The summer will definitely go by quickly (there’s only ten more weeks left of the internship!), but I know that it will be jam-packed with learning experiences and professional development opportunities. I look forward to the rest of the program!


Working at Dwellworks

Cory Halfast, Information Technology, Cleveland

My name is Cory Halfast and I am the IT Intern for the summer at Dwellworks. After two weeks on the job, I have learned more about the industry than I have in a few years in school. One of my favorite aspects of the job are the people that I have met and the different cultures I have interacted with. Being employed at an international company, I have been able to speak with people from all over the world and see how they work. It’s incredible how similar we all are, even though we’re on opposite sides of the world.

One more aspect about the internship that I like is the overall community of the office. Everyone is super friendly and they really take the extra step to get to know each other, not just their own department. It would be a hard task to find two people in the office that don’t know each other’s name and something about the other.

Overall, my internship here has been enjoyable due to the people I have been able to meet, and a great learning experience due to the actual hands-on work I have been able to do with just the right amount of guidance from my coworkers.

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