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Learning and Using Lean Thinking and Practices

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We’ve had the opportunity to share some overview information about our Dwellworks Experience initiatives, and the Lean and Agile thinking and training that is a critical part of our ongoing success. To recap: the Dwellworks Experience describes who we are, what we do, how we do it, and how we interact with clients, each other, our network, and our global communities. There are several pillars that support the Experience, including our Core Values, our Elements of Engagement, and, most recently, the lean and agile thinking and training that we are now moving to capture in a Lean Learning program for our associates and the broader Dwellworks community, over time.

Lean thinking and practices will empower our teams to understand, build and own the processes that underlie all of our work efforts. Lean addresses the emotions and opinions we all bring to our tasks, and finds a way to involve these very human perspectives in an orderly, ‘facts first’ mode that also encourages new ideas, “what if’s” and “a-ha” moments. The end result of a lean-project, whether large or small in scope, will be more efficient, customer-centric, cost-effective, and sustainable ways of doing business. Visit our Dwellworks-experience.com blog to follow us along the Lean Learning aspects of the Dwellworks Experience journey!

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