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Online Learning: An International Solution

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The most common format of schooling today is still classroom style, but the popularity of online learning is growing exponentially. As technology improves, it is being utilized to provide access to education for many scenarios. For a cross-cultural team, online learning is often the best option. Read on for a few reasons to consider online intercultural training for your team.  


It is no secret that working with a global team is difficult, and getting them together to continue education is even more challenging. Online learning erases these logistical challenges by closing the location gap. Employees can learn in their local time zone, so meeting organizers do not have to orchestrate best times to meet and elaborate meeting minutes.  

Learning Style 

When considering an education solution for adults, there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer. Countless factors would have to be weighed to decide on an in-person solution. With online learning, most of those factors, such as learning speed, format of lesson, and attention span, are voided. An online training platform offers text, videos, images, recordings, and other support systems to make each user comfortable. 


When employees feel like they have control of their time, they perform better. This sense of independence increases the personal motivation of your team members, generating higher results and more efficient actions. 

Dwellworks recognizes that global professionals are busy, but never too busy to be improving their skills. As a result of this mentality, the CultureCloud online learning platform was created. With CultureCloud, individuals can take charge of their own learning experience.  

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