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Scottish Cities Poised to Introduce Rent Controls

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Rents in several of Scotland's largest cities could be rigidly controlled during the next few months.

Glasglow is the first city to have begun the process of introducing the US-style rent controls. The city's private rental sector has recorded average increases of between 24% and 34% over the last five years. 

The new legislation allows rents to be capped at the consumer price index of 1% for up to five years.

Councils will have the power to set rent controls in "rent pressure zones" from December, when legislation comes into effect. Under the legislation, councils can apply to ministers to designate areas as RPZs if rent rises are causing serious problems for tenants. But before an area becomes an RPZ, ministers must consult landlords and tenants.

Other Scottish cities are expected to follow Glasgow’s lead – Edinburgh City Council has confirmed it will be using the new power and Aberdeen is also thought to be interested.  

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