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5 Simple Ways to Make Temporary Housing Your Home

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While corporate housing providers put a great deal of effort into designing beautiful spaces for expatriates to live, it is impossible to provide all the sentimental visuals, scents, and memories that truly make home, home. But that doesn’t mean your temporary apartment shouldn’t feel like your own personalized space. Many expats wish to make their corporate housing situation as home-like as possible. This longing for home prompts many expats to ask the question: “How do I make corporate housing feel like home?” The following list provides expatriates with 5 of the best ways to make their temporary, serviced apartment a new home.

  • Get the Greens

It’s a proven fact that live plants stimulate brain activity, clean the air, increase happiness, and reduce stress. When transitioning into temporary housing, feelings of unrest may accompany you. Having plants in your home will not omit these feelings entirely, but they will certainly help diminish them. Small cacti, bonsai trees, and succulent plants require little care and take up a minimal amount of space, making them an ideal choice for those residing in a temporary living space.

Image of cacti and succulent plants on a shelf

  • Make it Personal

Making your new housing space personal is a crucial element in converting temporary housing into a home. While you may be tempted to leave family photos, artwork, knick-knacks, or unnecessary items at home, bringing them along for lengthy stays will help you feel like the space you’re in is truly your own.

Image of photos hanging on a wall

  • Unpack

If you’re staying for less than a month, you may be tempted to live out of your suitcase. This is a bad idea! Leaving items unpacked may make you feel nomadic and will emphasize the fact that your living situation is temporary. Unpacking your suitcases and placing items in drawers and around your new home will allow you to take ownership of the space and will offer a sense of belonging and relaxation.

  • Take Advantage of Your Kitchen

You were given the option to live in a house or an apartment for a reason! And it’s likely because you’re on an assignment that is too long to comfortably stay in a hotel room where you’re limited on kitchen space and cooking. Most corporate housing units come with a fully-functional kitchen, so don't hesitate to use it. Cooking your favorite meal or preparing a homemade cup of hot cocoa will bring some fond memories from home to your new space. You’ll also be able to more closely emulate your normal eating habits if you choose to cook from home.

Image of vegetables cooking on a stovetop

  • Explore!

A fifth way to make your short-term housing feel like home is to become acquainted with your neighborhood. One of the reasons your permanent house feels like home is because the neighborhood is home, too. It’s important to know where grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and entertainment venues are in relation to your new temporary housing. Don’t set yourself at a disadvantage by not familiarizing yourself with the surrounding area. Knowing what your neighborhood offers will also limit stress.

Image of two people planning a route on a map

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