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Caution, Calm, and Continuity are Key During COVID-19

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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact more countries, Dwellworks is staying close to the facts. We’re monitoring and mobilizing our local experts and getting key information from our on-the-ground network in over a dozen countries. As the situation evolves, so does our response. This is a challenging time, and as we adjust our solutions delivery to client and customer situational requirements, we’re reminding our teams in the office and in the field to be a calming influence to the customers counting on our local expertise in this time of uncertainty.

Fortunately, we have a well-established business continuity plan, and we’re prepared as an organization to provide situationally appropriate service on pace with this very fluid environment. We’ve also been able to leverage insight from our China and Hong Kong offices to guide the decisions of our teams around the world.

Our key focus has always been helping people in challenging situations, and we’re taking extra care now to do just that, for our customers and for our teams, in all our service locations. While it is impossible for anyone to predict the spread of the outbreak, our preparation plus a relentless focus on the facts and a full team commitment to adapt to the situation as necessary has made it possible to continue to serve the mobile workforce of our clients.

Here’s an update of how we’re managing resources and plans for our associates and global supplier network during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Open for Business

Dwellworks global offices remain open, but associates are allowed to work from home. Those who show any signs of illness are required to work from home. Our business continuity plan has been previously tested for capacity and security, allowing service to continue no matter where we’re plugged in.

Frontline Findings

We understand that the level of comfort with the risk of exposure and the level of precautions people feel responsible for taking are very personal decisions, and we are supportive of all who are working to try to figure out the best course of action in these unprecedented times. We have started to see broader actions mandated by some communities, states, and governments, which will continue to alter our ability to accomplish all service tasks. Some flights are restricted, some schools are closed, some government offices are closed, and some stores and restaurants are closed. We anticipate this list will grow over the coming weeks, and we are ready to adapt as required.

Duty of Care is our Primary Priority

We are communicating regularly with our global service networks to ensure they are taking care of themselves and our customers. If any party is ill, they are not meeting in person. Our teams are sharing hygiene recommendations and reputable resources for facts and guidance, which we all continue to seek.

Delivered from a Distance

We have leveraged talent from across our offices to quickly enhance our global toolkits to ensure effective service is provided from any distance. Dwellworks has encouraged all DSCs to either:

Deliver destination and rental services virtually – utilizing our myDwellworks portal, providing guidebooks, offering consultation by phone, scheduling appointments, confirming itineraries, and being available for phone calls throughout self-guided service delivery


Practice social distancing – taking separate vehicles, refraining from physical greetings, and remaining at least 1 meter/3 feet apart at all times.

In Other Networks

Appraisal – Appraisers are not entering homes if they are ill. They are not shaking hands with homeowners, and they are taking more pictures so they can limit conversations and using note writing to minimize time in the property. They are asking homeowners to open all doors, and they are practicing the hygiene recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Corporate Housing – Our units are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after check out and before another guest checks in. Cleaning teams are handling weekly cleaning services as a deep clean for the entire unit and common areas, including a focus on most frequently touched surfaces. Our cleaning staff will be wearing masks while performing their duties. We are also delivering hand sanitizers to each guest, where possible.

Property Management – Agents are not entering homes if they are ill, they are not shaking hands with homeowners or tenants, and they are practicing the hygiene recommendations from the WHO. Agents are adhering to requests for delayed inspections, and Dwellworks is updating our clients in these cases

Intercultural Training – Trainers are not meeting in person if they can deliver training virtually. If they do conduct in-person training, they are not shaking hands with customers and they are practicing the hygiene recommendations from the WHO.

The situation continues to change, and so will our response. What won’t change is our unwavering commitment to care for your customers while also protecting the health of those in our office locations and supplier networks. We thank our teams and our networks for their dedication, creativity, and resiliency; and we thank our clients and our customers for their understanding and support. Stay tuned for further updates and contact us anytime with questions.

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