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The Dwellworks Experience: Changing the Face of Customer Relationships

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When an individual or family relocates for work, there are hundreds of little steps involved with making sure everyone settles into their new location with ease. From sorting out government paperwork to finding the right home with hardwood floors and a porch swing, there’s a lot of work that must be done in the short period of time before their first day at their new job.

For years, Dwellworks has helped relocate families throughout the U.S and around the world. Our reason for being has always been to support relocation management companies with their responsibility: to get relocating employees and their families settled into their new destination so the employee can contribute at work quickly. We take this responsibility seriously and place great focus on getting the important tasks, like home finding and settling in, done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

But within those hundreds of little steps are a lot of details that go unsaid. Between the big decisions and the paperwork is creativity, kindness, wisdom, and understanding from our Destination Services Consultants.

How Are Dwellworks DSCs Making an Impact?

Our DSCs aren’t just checking boxes along the way. They’re developing personal relationships that allow assignees to feel comfortable and welcomed, and the impact they have goes further than helping them get settled.

I’ve been in the relocation industry for 20 years, and I still don’t take for granted the myriad of amazing stories that I’ve heard from Dwellworks DSCs showcasing the impact they’ve made on their customers. Their stories show that it’s not just about finding a place to live — it’s finding a viola teacher for their son or locating a Japanese market. It’s introducing them to a welcoming synagogue, helping them find an Olympic swim coach for their teenage daughter, or searching for the right nursing home for their mother-in-law.

While Dwellworks leads with concepts critical to our RMC clients — compliance, consistency, quality, technology, and innovation — at the end of the day we are responsible for people helping people. And we’re very proud of our people.

Our DSCs know that to truly make a place feel like home, you’re going to need more than a driver’s license and a place to sleep. Many of our DSCs have gone through the relocation process themselves, so they understand how scary and stressful the process can be. Their compassion drives their concierge-like service and personal care for the families they assist and results in heartwarming stories. From showing up at the hospital when someone in the family gets sick, to inviting recently relocated families over for a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, our DSCs are more than just a facilitator of the relocation process, they’re a welcoming face, a friendly voice, and a helping hand for these families who are diving headfirst into a new world. 

Go Behind the Scenes With the Dwellworks Experience

We want to start highlighting more of the personal narratives that provide an inside look at the impact our DSCs make. These stories show a different side of what it’s like to work with Dwellworks, a personal side. You can look forward to stories like two of my favorite customer highlights:

After they were settled in their new home, one couple felt so connected to their DSC that they requested she be ordained so she could officiate their wedding. Another couple memorialized the relationship they had built with their DSC by naming their child after her.

Helping people find a place to live and get settled in their new community is our job and our passion. The little moments along the journey that make the relocating family feel personally cared for is what creates the Dwellworks Experience.

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