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Dwellworks Attends Collateral Risk Network Conference

Recently, Vice President of Operations for Dwellworks Residential Services Division, Tim Evanko, had the pleasure of attending the Collateral Risk Network (CRN) Conference in Clearwater, FL. Hosted by Alterra Group, Inc, the CRN event brings together regulatory leaders across various industry segments including appraisal, mortgage lending, and housing finance. The conference included a full day of networking within the industry and committee meetings. CRM committees include groups focused on Appraisal Management, Government Affairs, Best Practices, Emerging Issues, Industry Relations, and Agency Relations.

Tim serves as the Vice-Chair of the AMC Committee with Axis Appraisal Management Co-President Michael Simmons. The AMC Committee is hard at work finalizing the S.T.A.R.T. program, which focuses on establishing quality training programs for appraiser trainees to utilize as they enter the profession. Cristy Connolly, SVP of Quality Control for Nationwide Appraisal Network, spoke of one example where she was able to advocate for a change to the appraisal regulations in her home state of Florida.

The Committee discussed the upcoming Appraisal Subcommittee Appraisal Management Registry Fee and the implications that could come of this. Lastly, the Committee wrapped up with some forward thinking thoughts ahead of the Q2 CRN meeting in Charleston, SC and ways they can evaluate potential remaining gaps in appraiser independence.

Image of a session about the housing market at the CRN event

The second day of the conference was an opportunity to hear from experts in the industry. Many helpful insights were offered, including:

  • Mark Palim of Fannie Mae, who shared statistics and details about the housing market and broader economic landscape
  • Michael Sklarz, CEO of Collateral Analytics shared incredible information on automated valuation models (AVMs) and how “big data” is beginning to penetrate the valuation industry
  • Ed DeMarco of the Housing Policy Council discussed Modernizing Appraisals for the 21st Century
  • Ed Pinto of the American Enterprise Institute discussed housing prices and shared some statistics underpinning the recent increase in home values
  • Michael Horwitz of Nova Southeastern University described time management techniques and some interesting items on personal skill development
  • Jim Park of the Appraisal Subcommittee shared updates from his agency and provided an overview of various rule changes coming to the industry in 2018
  • Bill Garber of The Appraisal Institute discussed legislative updates
  • Ritesh Bansal of Rational Insights discussed Artificial Intelligence

Dwellworks truly enjoys being a part of the Collateral Risk Network. The events are always high-impact, insightful, and bring together the most influential industry leaders to solve the challenges facing the valuation industry.



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