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Dwellworks Network Partner of the Year 2015

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Dwellworks, LLC is excited to announce its Network Supplier of the Year award winners for 2015. These network members are recognized for their extraordinary service consistently delivered on behalf of Dwellworks to our valued clients. Award winners were selected based on a combination of performance statistics and feedback from the Dwellworks operating teams.

The 2015 award winners are:

  • Global Destination Services: Colleen North (Canada); Milena Moreno (Costa Rica); Dorothe Lehnhoff (Germany); Karen Daniels (Luxembourg); Adel Kuri (Mexico); Juliet Beattie (United Kingdom); Jennifer Cushman (United States); Narcisa Kaminski (United States)
  • Global Intercultural Training: Salvador Rodriguez-Gil Batista
  • United States Property Management: Jennifer Stutz
  • North America Valuation Services: Kellie Wolfe and Pat McAtee

“Our clients look to Dwellworks to provide a consistent level of customer service on a global scale, while delivering a customized experience on the ground in the countries where we deliver services,” said Rob Carlson, Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Dwellworks. “It is only through the strong relationship with our network partners around the globe that we are able to deliver the Dwellworks Experience our clients have grown accustomed to. It is truly an honor to work with these individuals on a daily basis and it is an honor to acknowledge their efforts.”

Dwellworks partners with over 4,500 independent contractors globally on an annual basis. For information on becoming a part of Dwellworks’ Supplier Network please contact supplychain@dwellworks.com.


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