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How an Internship Program Benefits a Company

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The "secret" to a successful workplace is hardly a secret anymore; for an innovative, efficient, and harmonious office environment, diversity is essential. Employees with various backgrounds and perspectives bring much-needed variety to projects at work. One of the ways an office can increase productivity is by hiring promising talent as interns. 

Here is a long list of ways that interns contribute positively to a company:

Interns contribute fresh ideas to projects that need a refreshed approach. This group of younger employees will bring new perspectives and often inspire seasoned employees with these ideas.

Many interns are either current students or recent students. This means they are studying the most current industry practices. This information is incredibly valuable to a company, where not all employees may know the latest findings or could benefit from a reminder of the foundations

Interns question the processes in place throughout the company. They challenge the phrase "it's the way we've always done it." When interns are being taught tasks or assigned projects, other employees are forced to provide an explanation and background for the project. Teaching someone else a process greatly helps reinforce the steps in the mind of the teacher.  

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Additionally, when interns can successfully manage projects and return assignments, this helps to shift the workload off other employees. When the team members each have more time to focus on other work instead of doing their tasks they already excel at, the whole team can take on bigger challenges. Meanwhile, the interns are learning something that is new to them even though it may be a routine ask of other employees. 

Interns at most companies have an employee mentor or advisor. This arrangement is beneficial for both the intern (who needs a point person for guidance) and the employee (who gets leadership experience). 

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Since interns are typically from a younger generation than most other employees, they are influenced by different things in life. Interns can keep the rest of the team in the loop with what a younger customer might be interested in.  

Finally, an internship program gives both the team and Human Resources the opportunity to "scout out" potential future employees. An internship is usually enough time to tell if the person would be a good fit for the team and company. If so, an offer may be presented at the conclusion of the program. 

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Can you think of more ways a company benefits from having interns? If so, leave them in the comments below- we would love to hear your input! 

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