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Intern Blog: Week 7

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From now until August, each week, two or three of our summer interns will be highlighted as they reflect upon their experiences and work while employed with Dwellworks.

This week, we put the spotlight on Eric Shen, our Supply Chain intern in Detroit, and Hope Martin, our Human Resources intern in Cleveland, as they write about how Dwellworks employees incorporate the company values into their workday.  


How Dwellworks is Different From Other Places I Have Worked

Hope Martin, Human Resources, Cleveland

Dwellworks is a company I would love to work for and be a full-time employee at for a long time. Dwellworks employees are passionate about what they do and they love the company, and I have yet to meet someone who isn’t happy here. I also love the work culture; I am never dreading to go into work, and I am always excited to see the people I work with.

Within the company, there is never just small talk. People are truly interested in how your weekend went or how you are doing that day. I love being able to feel like there is no pressure to be someone you aren’t. I also love the benefits Dwellworks provides. The benefits they provide show that they think and care about their employees and not just what would look good on paper.

Just from being here at Dwellworks for almost two months, I could say confidently that I would love to work here full-time because of the culture, benefits, and the employees. 


How I've Applied Dwellworks Core Values

Eric Shen, Supply Chain, Detroit



Many times, the concept of integrity can be vague or subjective. As hard as it is to define, you can just feel that everyone at Dwellworks embodies this core value. These are just some of the ways I've tried to demonstrate integrity at Dwellworks:

I take ownership of my actions. 

I don't cut corners in my work. 

I come into the office early.

I respect everyone.

I keep a positive mindset.

I am honest, especially when asking for help.

I do what I say I'm going to do.


When I think of teamwork, I think of communication. You can't have teamwork without communication, and communication - whether that’s in person, call, or email - is something I do every single day. Every day, I am reaching out to managers, consultants, and mentors to talk about programs, processes, and projects. We constantly communicate back and forth, to work together as a team to reach a goal.


I’ve demonstrated performance by always doing my best to carry out and accomplish the task at hand, regardless of how long it takes. I remember one week where the work load was more hectic than usual. Despite the seemingly endless stream of work at that time, I pushed through and was able to accomplish my tasks in a timely manner. Performance for me means hard work, and delivering results - something which I strive to do every day.


The main project I’m working on is a new initiative. My role in this project is to be the lead, but also provide feedback on how to improve the process. For me, this means identifying problems, viewing them from different perspectives, and coming up with new ideas with the goal of creating something new. Being able solve problems creatively gets me really excited and is the reason why I think about work, even when I’m not in the office. Innovation is definitely my favorite of the 5 core values.


Work hard play hard. It’s obvious that play falls into the definition of fun, and I can’t say for certain that I think my work fits perfectly under the definition of “fun,” but it’s definitely interesting and it makes time fly by really fast. Because of that, I can say for certain that I’m having fun every day during my internship at Dwellworks so far, and I look forward to the next 5 weeks!

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