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Introducing Xpedite – Destination Services for the Way People Move Today

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As the leading destination services provider in global mobility, we’ve helped more than 300,000 professionals and their families find a new home and settle into a new location.

Clients are always interested in finding ways to simplify complex destination service delivery while maintaining outstanding support for their high-value talent. The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated that interest and expectation. We’re thrilled to announce an innovative solution that achieves those goals.

Xpedite by Dwellworks

Introducing Xpedite – a new approach to international destination services designed for savvy, focused, relocating professionals embarking upon international moves. These professionals expect instant access to helpful information and reliable, straight-forward guidance along their journey. Xpedite delivers all of that and more for a smarter, more effective employee experience.  

Xpedite revolutionizes global destination services support through its highly configurable model of essential core services plus a menu of flexible options. Xpedite is designed to be digital-first, organizing virtual support at the employee’s pace and preference, with in-person accompaniment when needed and selected.

This evolved destination services experience is quickly launched: no repetitive intake calls or back-and-forth scheduling. Through our proprietary online platform, myDwellworks™, the relocating employee authorized for Xpedite gains immediate access to both hyper-local digital content and the expertise of a local Dwellworks consultant.

A Personalized Moving Experience Empowered by Employee Choice

With Xpedite, employees begin by confirming their information and preferences in our intuitive myMove tool. They then build a personalized destination program based on the services they wish to receive.

MyMove Survey

Individual selections are managed via the myChoice menu, which utilizes a credits-based tracking system. The myChoice menu puts the relocating professional in control of their destination services experience and saves the employer costs by maximizing utility—eliminating unused and unwanted services and adding more choice and alignment with individual needs, all within the policy framework.


On-Demand Information and a Local Lifeline When Needed

The traditional destination services experience is typically defined by a specific process outlining every service and the manner and timing of delivery. This externally controlled experience isn’t always suited to the needs of modern, hands-on professionals. By shifting to a choice-driven model of service, Xpedite enables the relocating employee to mold the experience to their vision of support, with instant access to tailored content pertaining to the key events of the move.

Today’s globally mobile employee wants answers on their schedule—when they have five minutes between meetings to check their phone and update their calendar, or after work when they can relax and connect with their partner on their relocation plans.   

That is why Xpedite provides in-the-know information at the employee’s fingertips. They get the right information, just in time to keep their move on track.


Our redesigned myDwellworks™ portal offers carefully curated, crowd-sourced resources and robust how-to guides that prepare employees for what’s ahead before they move, and help employees know what to prioritize when they are on the ground. 

Importantly, Xpedite is Not on the Clock 

A truly successful relocation is measured by the outcome of the service—not by the time taken to deliver it. From the onset of the Xpedite experience, employees have open, unlimited access to a resource library of digital destination tools and remain connected with an in-market expert who provides the guidance and assistance requested. The employee defines the scope within their available options and the service focuses on support and coordination, not time on the clock.

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Why Xpedite? Why Now?

We analyzed the data from years of serving our customers, and identified key expectations about the way people want to be supported in their moves. With a framework of well-documented research, we solicited feedback from our clients and service delivery teams and really listened to those responses.

In collaboration with our talented network of local destination consultants, we learned what employees prioritize, how they prefer to organize their experience, where they prefer self-service, and where they want high-touch, side-by-side help from a local expert.

People want simplicity, access to information and service on demand, and they want it delivered in an easily accessible format. Xpedite makes sense now more than ever because it is all about customer control, reliable information, and a digital-first, virtual service capability. There’s no sacrifice of personalized attention and customer care. At a time when people most need to connect, Xpedite is a solution that fully delivers on the customer’s expectations.

What are the Benefits of an Xpedite Experience?

The model for Xpedite aligns employee expectation with relocation management company (RMC) administration and corporate employee policy, to provide clients and program administrators an improved service experience at a lower cost and in less time than a traditional program.

We’re excited to offer a solution that’s in step with the times. We invite you to not just authorize a move, Xpedite it!

To request a demo of the Xpedite experience or for more information, click here or contact us.


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