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Spotlight on: Belair, Luxembourg City

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Luxembourg is a European gem for any global business. The charming country is centrally located, open-minded, and extremely accommodating to expats. The Belair area in Luxembourg City is a particularly attractive place to live, wherever you may currently call "home." Read on to find out why!


According to the City of Luxembourg's website page featuring Belair, the history of the district is such:

"Belair, part of the former municipality of Hollerich, became a part of Luxembourg City when the surrounding municipalities merged with the capital in 1920. It was only after the fortress was dismantled in 1867 that the neighborhood was able to grow.

In 1887, the neighborhood, which was initially called "Neu-Merl", had 87 residents. In 1956, the neighborhood was officially named Belair," (City of Luxembourg, copyright 2019).


Belair is situated in the central western region of Luxembourg City. There are 24 quarters, or administrative districts, that make up Luxembourg City

Most companies are located closer to the center of the city, so rush hour can be congested with people heading from Belair into downtown. It is recommended to bike rather than take a car, which is easy since the route is fairly flat.

Image of a resident of Belair, Luxembourg

Photo by Dries De Schepper on Unsplash

Dining and Entertainment

Considering the global population of Belair, there are dining options in the area that serve cuisine from all around the world. Whether you're craving a traditional brasserie experience, sushi takeout, or a Greek spread, you can find it all in the streets of Belair. 

The Stade Josy Barthel is an impressive and historical stadium in Belair. Today, this stadium is used for national sports like rugby. It is named for Josy Barthel, the sole Olympic gold medalist from Luxembourg

For more options around town, read this guide: Luxembourg City: What to Do, See, and Eat

Image of a bar in the Belair district of Luxembourg City

Photo by Sérgio Alves Santos on Unsplash

Green Space

This district is known for being very calm. To get outside, visit the Merl-Belair Park. This urban oasis is a favorite among families with children to let the little ones stretch their legs. The park offers varied and beautiful natural features, from ponds to bright flowers. 

Image of a flower in Merl-Belair Park

Photo by Thiébaud Faix on Unsplash


The population in this area is just over 11,000. Approximately 10% of Luxembourg City calls Belair home.

The residents are rather affluent. Slightly more than half of the population here are expats, which means that the melding multicultural attitudes in the area have formed a unique community. 

The upscale, classical housing options are a welcome home to many families, resulting in a lively area. The majority of residents fall between their late 20s to late 40s.

Image of Luxembourg City in the winter

Photo by Diogo Palhais on Unsplash

If the Belair area of Luxembourg City sounds like the perfect place to live, stay tuned for exciting news coming from Dwellworks Corporate Housing, a Corporate Housing Provider. 

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