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May is National Moving Month

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As the start of the season where moving and the housing market really starts to pick up, it’s fitting that May is also known as National Moving Month. Kids are out of school, the temperature has finally warmed up, and most businesses are likely slowing down — all of these are things that make moving, and transferring employees, so common in the summer.

Young Professionals are Gearing up to Move, Here’s How You Can Take Advantage

Summer is also the time of college graduations, meaning a fresh wave of new hires and college grads will be hitting the job market and potentially looking to move. Young professionals are internet-savvy and tend to believe that they’ll be able to manage a move, whether it’s to a new state or even a new country, all on their own.

As relocation experts, we know that’s certainly easier said than done, but how can you communicate to your younger customer base that your services are a necessary part of their transition? At Dwellworks Direct, our services can provide customers with the same sense of ease and comfort without going through the steps of a full relocation package. Our team works with more than 30,000 renters each year and has been able to cut the time it takes to find the right home in half.

Dwellworks Direct Statistics, National Moving Month

With services like Dwellworks Direct, customers receive the best of both worlds. We offer DIY plans for renters that are online and easy to use, but also tie in the expertise of a local agent who can help them align their budget for their move. Interested in learning more about how we can help you before busy season kicks in? Get in touch with our team today.

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