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Meet our Global Team: Catherine O'Dell

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We continue to highlight our team members whose passion and commitment makes Dwellworks unique. On the Global Team blog this week, we interviewed Cat O'Dell, Supply Chain Director. Cat is a key member in our Detroit office and this is her journey with us.


Tell us about your role with Dwellworks?

In my role I oversee 3 departments. I am responsible for the holistic management of our DSC network across the US, Canada and Mexico. My teams are responsible for recruiting, onboarding and compliance, order distribution and metrics achievement as well as quality, training and relationship management. Working in Supply Chain means I have the opportunity to work closely with many other Dwellworks teams on impactful projects across our organization.


What’s an interesting fact about your role that people might not know, or what’s one thing you enjoy about your job?

I love my team and the fact that things are always changing in Supply Chain! From creating new trainings, developing new technology, working through 2020’s unique challenges, no two days are ever the same and I am surrounded by dynamic people who make these challenges fun.


Why Dwellworks?

I love the Dwellworks values and the fact that we feel like a family and have great growth and development opportunities. Since I began my career at Dwellworks I’ve always found opportunities to grow and to stretch myself and been consistently encouraged by my leaders and peers. Now as a Director, I get help folks grow in their own careers and to demonstrate our core values every day.


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