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Meet our Global Team: Claire Hall

Our global team brings excellence to our day to day work. This week we feature a member of our amazing team in Canada. Their passion for innovation is what makes Dwellworks unique in the relocation industry!

On this week Meet our Global Team blog, we interviewed the talented Claire Hall, Director of Client Services, to share her journey at Dwellworks with us.


Tell us about your role with Dwellworks?

I work to bridge the gap between my clients and our Operations Team that delivers the service. This can include working through specific requests, educating our Operations Team on client specific requirements, or even handling an escalation.


What’s an interesting fact about your role that people might not know, or what’s one thing you enjoy about your job?

One thing I love about my job is it is never the same each day. One day I am strategizing with a client or Operation Team to figure out how to solve a problem and another I am presenting to a client.


Why Dwellworks?

Before I was with Dwellworks, I was with Dada Destination Services in Canada for a number of years. When Dwellworks acquired Dada, the biggest thing that kept me with them was their values and commitment to our customers. Although there were inevitable differences, I think those core values are what speak to me.


Can you share a little story that reflects on DW values while interacting with clients/suppliers/team members ?

I think Integrity, Fun, Teamwork, and Performance are incredibly valuable, but for me I think Innovation sets us apart. When COVID-19 started we all really needed to figure out how do we assist our transferees. One of the first things I noticed was we still needed to do “virtual” move ins and move outs. I realized we already had the perfect solution - a mobile app that our DSCs already use. I thought, why can’t we roll it out so that our transferees can use it themselves?  That way they had an easy to use tool that would also help protect them in the process. After it was discussed internally it was agreed that we would roll it out to our global locations and it has been very successful.


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