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Meet our Local Leader: Danny O'Neill

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Our team of Local Leaders make everything we do possible! Our wonderful team in Ireland is passionate and dedicated; their amazing talent and commitment helps deliver service excellence of Dwellworks to our partners and clients.

For our fifth installment of the Meet our Local Leaders series, we spoke with the charismatic and people-oriented Daniel “Danny” O’Neill, Destination Services Manager Ireland, to tell us about his personal Dwellworks story.


How long have I been working at Dwellworks?

I've worked almost 17 years in the relocation world, in the last few years under Dwellworks and prior to Dwellworks we were known as Irish Relo. On the first morning I commenced work there were three of us in the office with two counsellors and we have grown 10-fold approximately.


What do you love the most about your job?

No matter in whatever situation I find myself I just love helping people. I am a real people person. There is a great sense of achievement when you get a wonderful message of appreciation after successfully relocating a family from another part of the world to Ireland. Relocating can be the most stressful time in anyone’s life.


Do you have any recent projects that make you proud?

While Covid-19 has been an awful global experience it has been an amazing learning experience and challenge for us all.  Within 24 hours our team was working very effectively from home delivering the same amazing service we continually offer.

Our teams swung into action delivering virtual services where possible. Our technologies in Dwellworks too allowed us to deliver the same services from our home as we would from our office.


What do you think relocating employees are the most surprised about when they arrive to Ireland?

I often get the feedback that assignees are most surprised by the friendliness of people here. It's quite normal in Ireland to strike up a full conversation with someone, for example, in the same bus/train queue or in a supermarket. People tend to be very open and this, too, in turn, helps people settle quickly into Ireland.

I believe, too, the fact that Dublin is such a small city (population one and quarter million) also means the city is easily explored on foot.


We know that in your role you support with moving people into Ireland all the time – if you were to relocate to somewhere outside of Ireland where would it be and why?

My favorite country is Italy and I often dream of relocating there. I have spent many holidays in Italy and most especially in Sicily. I have a reasonable command of the Italian language and this helps me greatly when in Italy. I adore the climate, the food, the music, but mostly the people. Also, I get to explore the wonderful countryside combining both my passions of photography and travelling.


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