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Meet our Global Team: Diana Istrate

Our experienced global team makes everything we do possible! Each week we will get to know more about one of our great team members and their journey at Dwellworks.

On the Global Team blog this week, we feature Diana Istrate, Supply Chain Manager in our Shanghai office.


How long have you been with Dwellworks and where are you located?

I have worked at Dwellworks since 2015. Although I am in Shanghai, it feels great to work with so many dedicated and talented people all over the world towards a common goal.


Why Dwellworks?

What drew me to Dwellworks is the company’s relentless commitment to coming up with innovative solutions for all of our stakeholders - as well as its capacity to always sprinkle a bit of fun on top of it all.


Tell us more about the APAC region and how you landed there?

The photo I have shared was taken in Myanmar which is one of the countries I hold very close to my heart. I am very fond of the countries in the APAC region. I arrived in Shanghai on a rainy afternoon in March 2012 – the Year of the Dragon. My short one-year stay was supposed to be nothing more than a stamp on my passport before moving on to a new destination. Shanghai lured me from day one and before I realized, that one year became 2. And then 4. Then a few more. It is the classic Shanghai story you hear from most expats here. Now I am thinking to stick around and do the full circle of the Chinese zodiac!


It is the daily snippets of random life that make China so addictive: the elderly practicing Tai-Qi in the park, the endless stream of couriers always on the run, the varied streetscape, the high speed trains, the cool boutique shops, the curiosity of the people, the street food shops, that man casually walking his giant pet turtle on a leash. There are endless possibilities and surprises around every corner.


This country is still a mystery to the outside world and it is very rewarding to see assignees discovering and appreciating the real China. And some even decide to stay longer, just like I did.


This may seem a bit sentimental I know, but I always get this way when I talk about China and Shanghai in particular. I hope one day you all can come visit!


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