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Meet our Global Team: Elaine Carr

Our global team brings commitment to our day to day work. On this week's Meet our Global Team blog, we interviewed the dedicated Elaine Carr, Supply Chain Manager in Ireland to share her Dwellworks journey with us.


Tell us about your role with Dwellworks?

I am the dedicated contact and key liaison between Ireland Operations and the Destination Service Consultant Network team on process and service. I am responsible for training and performance management, communications, advertising, and recruitment.


What’s an interesting fact about your job that people might not know?

Everything we do impacts the perception of our customers: we need to ensure our customers have the best experience relocating to Ireland. The experience that we have in our network of Destination Service Consultants, and how they are best placed to offer real, tangible support to our clients is of upmost importance.  I enjoy the benefit of knowledge sharing and delivering training.



Why Dwellworks?

Dwellworks is the most innovative company to work for. Personally, there are always opportunities to develop myself. I am lucky to be working with a very talented team of people globally, especially in the last 12 months, where we have found ways to deliver services safely, and help people move during a global pandemic. All combined keeps my job challenging and interesting!


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