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Meet our Global Team: Jacob Bone

As our experienced global team is one of our greatest strengths, each week we will get to know more about one of our great team members!


This week on the Global Team blog, we interviewed Jacob Bone, Corporate Housing Manager in our U.K office and this is his story.


Tell us about your role with Dwellworks?

I started as a Manager in destination services then took up a hybrid role between Destination Services and Corporate Housing before transitioning full time to Corporate Housing. I currently work across three separate accounts all with their own clients and manage individual and group moves from all over the world. Specifically I source and book accommodation after getting a good understanding of the guests requirements! This involves working closely with clients, providers and our internal teams alike. I also manage the out of hours Dwellworks Living service for the EMEA region once they have booked, this keeps me busy should guests need anything outside of regular business hours.


Can you share something you enjoy about your job?

I love the fact I get to work with such a wide variety of clients and providers with such a large global reach. People are often surprised to hear about the work we do from Cornwall as it is considered quite remote. It’s a real bonus to be part of something with such a big impact whilst balancing the coastal lifestyle Cornwall offers. I fly the Dwellworks flag proudly down here.😊


Why Dwellworks?

For me the company you work at is equally, if not more important than the work you do in terms of job satisfaction. I love what I do but I also love who we are. We all have hard days at work but they are made that much easier when you are part of a team such as Dwellworks. Companies that care, create employee’s that care and I know myself and the rest of the team really do care! Some of my managers are based in different time zones but I feel like I have as good of a relationship with them as I do with my team-mates who are in Cornwall! That is really special for me and emphasizes the spirit of Dwellworks. A year is not a long time in terms of a career but when you can see yourself there indefinitely because of the people & the opportunities available you know you are on to a winner!   


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