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Meet our Global Team: Lottie Fleming

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Our global team brings excellence to our day to day work. On this week Meet our Global Team blog, we interviewed the talented Lottie Fleming, Director of Client Services in the U.K, to share her story with us.


Tell us about your role with Dwellworks?

I am a single point of contact for some of our clients for the EMEA region, assisting with everything from onboarding new corporate clients, to gathering country specific information, to assisting with challenging situations.  I also work closely with our operations teams to ensure they are fully aware of our clients expectations and nuances. No day is ever the same for me!


What’s an interesting fact about your role that people might not know, or what’s one thing you enjoy about your job?

I love being able to get to client offices in person to meet with my contacts and the operations teams, but of course that hasn’t been possible this year and we’ve had to make do with virtual get togethers. I also really enjoy the onboarding process of a corporate client, ensuring every box is ticked and the margin for error is minimal.


Why Dwellworks?

Dwellworks is small enough to be personal and to get to know people in different locations but large enough to provide opportunities for individual development and growth. One of the things I love about Dwellworks is the teamwork and that everyone is so approachable, no matter their position in the business. I frequently work with colleagues at all levels and in many of our locations.


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