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Meet our Global Team: Mike McDonald

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We consider our global team to be our greatest strength. This week, we feature a member at our U.S. headquarters. His exceptional commitment to our corporate values is another inspiring example of the dedicated associates at Dwellworks.

For our seventh installment of the Meet our Global Team series, we interviewed the talented Mike McDonald, Software Developer in Cleveland, Ohio.


Tell us about your role with Dwellworks?

I work on developing internal web applications for the company, as well as adding the local area/geography content to our online Destination Services platform: Destination. 


What’s an interesting fact about your role that people might not know, or what’s one thing you enjoy about your job?

What I love about my job is how challenging it is. It seems there is something new to learn every day and I get to use so many different technologies when working. Having morning coffee with everyone in the breakroom (before COVID, that is) before the work begins is a pleasant way to start my day at the office.


Why Dwellworks?

I chose Dwellworks because they value Fun as an aspect of their work. Some of the most fun I’ve had thus far working at Dwellworks has been collaborating with my teammates in the IT room because each meeting has a nice combination of serious problem-solving and light-hearted joking around.


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