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Meet our Local Leader: Shirley Xue

Dwellworks Corporate Housing is incredibly proud of our team of Local Leaders. Everything we do is possible because of their amazing talent. Their dedication has helped us book over 400,000 nights around the globe, and they consistently deliver the best service to our partners and clients. 

For our third installment, we’ve invited the incredible Shirley Xue, Corporate Housing Manager in China, to tell us about her inspirational story at Dwellworks.


What do you love the most about your job?

From the moment I joined Dwellworks last August, I realized that we have an amazing team! When I first started, and I needed help, our teammates would jump in and proactively assist me. I am happy to say that it still hasn't changed — we will help each other solve challenges and notice potential ones. I would love to thank Patricia Turek, Kate Lorenz, and Genna Neibauer for their guidance and great support. There is a culture of helping one another that transfers to how we treat our clients.


We take time to explain to our clients every detail and characteristic of each unit, from commute times to the view they will have in their apartment windows. It is very satisfying when the guests accept our suggested options, and our partner sends us a big "thank you" email for such good suggestions and services. I love that side of Corporate Housing. We always want to make sure that transferees feel at home here in China.


Can you tell us a little bit about Corporate Housing in China?

The Chinese market has very distinctive characteristics. China is big with many cities. In the past, most of the expatriates would go to tier 1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Now, we receive more and more requests for the tier 2 cities or even tier 3 cities. We keep expanding our local supply chain with good quality service apartments in places we could not have imagined! I am always surprised to find that these cities are developing so rapidly, and the service industry improves so quickly too. Being part of this expansion is thrilling.


We hope to discover more high-quality local service apartment brands in more cities, while strengthening our supply chain, and providing our partners with more diverse and cost-effective options.


What surprises transferees about your country?

New guests are most surprised by the digital payments in China. It is super-fast, convenient, and covers every corner! People can use it for online shopping or in a big mall as well as in street shops. It can be used when taking a public transportation-bus, subway, and taxi. Online payments also can be used for the transaction between two people. So, today, one mobile phone is enough when you go out and about.  


Guests are also surprised by the food delivery service for its speed, low prices, and convenience. This service covers almost all restaurants, and it is usually served within 30-60 minutes. They also provide a service for buying fresh vegetables, fruit, and daily essentials. Sometimes the food delivery is even cheaper than dine-in!


What's your favorite CH unit in your country and why?

My favorite units are all of those on high floors! They all have excellent views, overlooking beautiful parts of the city. Some of them have the subway station just outside the door.


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