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Meet our Global Team: Vincent Zhu

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As our experienced global team is one of our greatest strengths, each week we will get to know more about one of our great team members!


This week on the Global Team blog, we interviewed Vincent Zhu, Immigration Manager in our Beijing office and this is his story.


Tell us about your role with Dwellworks?

I am mainly responsible for the immigration application process. I guide and support assignees throughout the process of applying for the relevant immigration permits.


How long have you been with the company?

I have been in the relocation industry for 8 years, starting at Ark Relocation which joined the Dwellworks family in 2018.


Can you share something you enjoy about your job?

Through my work, I get to meet all kinds of people and learn about new cultures. For example, I recently met an assignee for an immigration bureau interview. We both faced cultural differences that we were able to overcome. I feel very good when I can work with a person to reach a solution.


Why Dwellworks?

Since we joined Dwellworks in 2018, we have become a big family where we can keep learning and sharing knowledge. The team is very supportive of each other when people have any challenges – whether with work or life. Being in constant contact with different cultures has helped enrich us and I am very proud to be a part of this great family.


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