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New Year, Newly Aligned Network Management Team

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The new year is a time for retrospect and change – to look back on what has worked well, and to assess areas for improvement. Our Destination Services Network Management department has always been positioned to assist our business with network management and support, from the sourcing and onboarding of new consultants, to development, performance management, and network communication.

While we continue to own these efforts, we have recently reorganized the team to best utilize their talents, embrace regional focus, and maximize network collaboration and interaction.

The team, led by Kelly Dorsch, has many years of experience with our clients. Nicole Lennen continues on in the department and will support our Central Region. Formerly in Client Services, Bethany Johnson will manage the Northeast Region, and Cat O’Dell joins the team from US Destination Services, to manage the Midwest Region. Managing our West Coast Region in market, Ferrah McKeown brings her previous experience as a Destination Services Consultant to join this dynamic group. And Christina Oliverio will utilize her technology and systems expertise to support the network and overall Supply Chain team.

Realigning the team will help to optimize talents and gain efficiencies while increasing communication within regions. We look forward to an exciting year ahead!

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