Local Insight: Charlotte

Charlotte Skyline CCCharlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful mix of new meeting old. The city proudly boasts being named after Queen Charlotte of England and stands on the crossroads of an old Native American trading route. It has a rich history Read More »

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Catching Up with Our Houston Network

Rob Speaking - editedThis week was the WERC Americas Mobility Conference in Houston. For those of us in the relocation industry it is, among other things, a great opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues from around the globe. My favorite part of the event actually happens before the official start of the conference. Read More »

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It is Still About the People

I read a post from Torben Rick recently called Culture Change is Key in Digital Transformation. I thought it was an important reminder that no matter what you are embarking on as an organization, regardless of the technology you are utilizing; it always comes down to the people. We are bombarded on a daily basis with news about the newest app that will revolutionize some industry, but we can miss the fact that behind the scenes this was built by people who had to interact with other people to come up with the perfect solution. Read More »

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Destination Profile: Mexico

One of the most important developing economies in Latin America and worldwide. Read More »

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Spotlight On: Weybridge

weybridge2Weybridge is a quaint town located in an exclusive corner of the Surrey commuter belt which has been nicknamed the ‘Beverly Hills of Britain’. It was recently voted the best place to live in the country. The area, very close to London, is a magnet for celebrities who enjoy a rural lifestyle combined with easy access to the Capital. Trains to London Waterloo take just 30-40 minutes and run at least four times an hour. Read More »

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New Custodial Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes

custodialTenancyDepositStarting this month there will be a choice of new ‘custodial’ tenancy deposit schemes as the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and mydeposits both announce their decision to launch services.

TDS Custodial will run alongside its other, insurance-backed, scheme. Read More »

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Rental Supply Lowest for a Year & Rents Creep Up

The Office for National Statistics has published its latest index of private rental prices for February.

Rents increased in all the English regions, rising the most in London at 3.8%. It says that private rents grew by 2.8% in England, 0.2% in Wales and 0.7% in Scotland. Read More »

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Who Holds the Balance of Negotiating Power?

According to Countrywide, the average rental property is being let at 99.9% of its asking price, the highest figure since 2007. Read More »

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Economic Snapshot: April 2016

Q1 Economic Indicators
The U.S. unemployment rate hovered around 4.9% for most of Q1, and ended slightly higher, at 5.0% in March. The U.S. stock market rebounded from its rocky start at the beginning of the year, with the S&P showing a 2.4% gain for the quarter. Read More »

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Mexico City: Impact of Government Restrictions on Auto Use

Mexico City CarsDwellworks has been monitoring the Mexico City automobile restriction policy Hoy No Circula set forth by the Mexican government. The program aims to improve overall air quality by restricting vehicles permitted on the roadways. Read More »

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