Intern Insights: Week 9

Give us an example of how you’ve experienced Dwellworks culture?
By: Allison Murray | Cleveland, OH
As I’ve written about in previous posts, the Dwellworks culture was the defining factor in my decision to come work here. I was fascinated by the fact that people enjoy coming to work and spending time with their coworkers. While this is certainly the goal of any job, I’ve never seen an office more successful at it than Dwellworks.
What I find so unique is that Dwellworks’ emphasis on culture is truly ingrained in every aspect of the business. In trying to describe this culture to others, I think the best way to define it is to experience it. This week alone, I’ve watched the philanthropy committee organize a friendly competition through the Esperanza School Supply Drive. In this event, the office is divided into teams and the team that donates the most school supplies wins. The wellness committee also organized a Dwellworks farmer’s market, where associates could trade their homegrown goods and sample various infused waters. Finally, I spoke with my friend Jessica who told me that she went to a “Bachelorette Lunch” to celebrate an associate who is getting married this weekend.
These events are just a snapshot of the Dwellworks culture. Each day Dwellworks and its associates work hard to integrate their workplace values into all facets of the business. Whether it is working on a project, eating lunch, or serving the community, the Dwellworks culture is the driving force behind this special organization.

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Intern Insights: Week 8

What does your desk look like?
By: Patrick Barrett | Cleveland, OH
I’ve now spent many hours here at my desk at Dwellworks, and its appearance has definitely evolved and developed right along with the skills I’m building during my time here this summer. First off, one thing that sets the marketing department apart from the rest of the cubicle sections on the first floor are our abundant plant life surrounding our cubes. A splash the greenery inside an office setting helps me find inspiration and peace in the workday, so I brought in a plant from home to compliment my own cubicle. Next to my plant is my desktop organizer that I bought from Target. For only 2 dollars more than the ugly gray cardboard desktop organizer was a fancy rustic looking wooden one – so I went ahead and splurged on the nicer one! I don’t regret this – I get a lot of compliments on it and it really goes well next to my plant.

A more recent development to my desk is my new Mac computer setup that I just finished setting up this week. As the first Multimedia & Graphics Intern Dwellworks has ever had, I helped the marketing department research and understand what the best tech solutions would be for me to complete the various duties and projects I’d be taking on. My research and reporting paid off when we were able to order a state of the art Apple computer setup – ideal for a graphic designer like myself. It’s already made a significant improvement on how efficient and comfortable my workflow is.

Aside from that, on and around my desk you’ll find the other office essentials – my fancy office phone, a calendar to keep track of important dates, a nice desk light when my work calls for reading something printed or sketching out a new concept, and of course numerous post-its filled with lists and reminders so I stay organized with the little things. Overall, I think my desk is quite the place to be and I’m happy to arrive every morning to spend the days here at Dwellworks!

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Intern Insights: Week 7

Tell us about a project that you’ve been working on that’s helping your department?
By: Lisa Brice | Cleveland, OH
Going into this internship I really didn’t know all the cool stuff I would be working on or what type of impact I could have on my department. I figured that I would be doing mostly data entry, an intern case study of some sort, and a weekly blog; but outside of that I wasn’t sure what would fill up my time as an intern.

I didn’t need to worry long about the possibility of running out of things to do since my team got me up and rolling as fast as humanly possible and set expectations high (two of my favorite things about working here). Within two weeks I entered over 75 new programs and started helping managers assign said programs to consultants and getting the programs up and running. It is a great feeling to know that I was helping managers sift through their caseloads faster and in doing so allowed them to free up their schedules to help more transferees and keep programs on track. At the end of my second week and going into my third, my partner Matt and I were approached by our department VP Andy Horvath to figure out some technological solutions to some of the issues in Destination Services. So we dived right in, looking around online to see if there were other tools we could use to get jobs done quicker and more efficiently. One of the more helpful programs we found was Basecamp which allows the user to manage a project with others over a shared space and keeps everything easy to track and report. While this program isn’t necessarily best suited for a DS manager, there is great potential for it in the hands of the marketing team and future intern case study groups!

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Brexit: Implications for the UK Property Market

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union, followed closely by the resignation of the Prime Minister, has created a vacuum of uncertainty and a period of volatility for the UK’s property market. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 6

Give us an example of how you’ve experienced Dwellworks culture
By: Karin Greenlaw | Cleveland, OH
This week was very exciting for Cleveland as we celebrated the Cavs’ big win in the NBA Championships! On Wednesday, there was a huge celebration parade that drew over a million people into the Cleveland area. The amount of energy in the city was contagious! It was definitely not an event that anyone wanted to miss out on.

A great example of Dwellworks’ culture is that the company allowed its Cleveland employees to take a two-hour lunch break so that everyone could watch the parade if they wanted to! I am generally not a huge fan of crowded events, but I still ventured out to watch the parade with my team leader and a few other Dwellworks employees, and I’m glad that I decided to go! It was fun to be a part of such a historical event, and I think that I would have regretted not being a part of the action and excitement if I had not been able to leave the office to go watch.
The fact that Dwellworks chose to let its employees have some extra time to be a part of the city’s excitement and happiness demonstrates how fun and flexible the culture here is. Dwellworks definitely wants its employees to love coming into work every day, and recognizes that fun events like the parade can still be a part of a productive work day!

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Rise in Supply Gives Tenants Greater Choice

UK rents in Q1 2016 were 3.9% than the same period last year.

However, April’s change in stamp duty (which introduced a new 3% levy on buy-to-let properties and second homes) has disrupted the normal balance of supply and demand causing average rents across England and Wales to fall 0.2% in May. Read More »

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I Believe

Do I have the perfect team? No. Do I wish that there were times where we had a greater attention to detail, would have worked a little bit longer or taken an extra minute to understand the impact of our action? Of course. But those shortcomings are rarely terminal and none of us (leadership included) are perfect. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 5

As you know, fun is one of our values here at Dwellworks. Describe how you’ve had fun at work this week?
By: Avery Punches | Detroit, MI
Dwellworks’ values; integrity, teamwork, performance, innovation, and fun, have been present every day in my internship experience. Fridays at the office in Detroit are exceptionally fun! Every Friday we have themes and people dress up accordingly. Themes for Fridays include super hero, beach, Western, international, color block, crazy hair, Disney day, etc. On Thursdays you hear reminders ringing out telling everyone to go all out the next day with the theme. Another intern, Brigid, joined me in the enthusiasm for the next day’s theme and we found out that we both own animal onesie pajamas! Walking into a building with other non-Dwellworks employees was comical. They looked at me wearing a cow onesie, wondering if what they were seeing was actually real. The question, “why?!”, flashing in their eyes. I quickly gave them an explanation and laughed about it with them. Thinking the amusement would dissipate as soon as I got in Dwellworks territory was a mistake. It was just as funny walking into the office and seeing fellow employees in their footy pajamas and bath robes. I think it’s safe to say that having fun is definitely a part of our culture here at Dwellworks. I love Fridays!

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London’s New Mayor on Housing

Housing was one of the most important political battlegrounds during the recent London Mayoral elections, won by Sadiq Khan this May. It is such an important issue that some described the election as a “referendum on housing” as London struggles to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 4

What does your desk look like?
By: Lisa Brice | Cleveland, OH
If someone stumbled upon my lovely desk their first thought would be, “Oh this person looks like they have their things together but why is ‘Z’ ‘T’ ‘A’ spelled out in push pins?” In my work experience it is crucial to make your desk area as organized as possible so if you need something you know exactly where to find it at a moment’s notice. At my desk I have the things that I need to read on a regular basis pinned to the left side of my desk and the things that I don’t need as often but are still helpful on the center cubicle panel. This leaves the left panel of my desk open for a little home décor opportunity, this case in the form of my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha’s letters. Once you get to desk level though the system changes, projects I’m working on that require immediate attention are on my right side while completed items are on my left near my tissues and lunch box. As necessary for an office I have a snack drawer which is kept stocked for those 2pm slums along with a blanket since I’m a freeze baby and I get cold super easily. Overall my desk is my primary work space and even though I complete 99.99% of my work on the computer, my written notes help keep everything on track and going smoothly.

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