Engage Your Way to a Better Work Environment

I am in the midst of preparing to deliver an associate development course for my organization on the topic of employee engagement. I started my planning from an August 2015 post that I wrote on the topic where I challenged managers to look in the mirror and determine if they are spending quality time with their team. I also challenged the non-manager to reach out to their leader and play an equal role in this engagement. I wanted to use that premise a pivot point to look at employee engagement from a more selfish perspective. Read More »

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New Year, Newly Aligned Network Management Team

Supply Chain The new year is a time for retrospect and change – to look back on what has worked well, and to assess areas for improvement. Our Destination Services Network Management department has always been positioned to assist our business with network management and support, from the sourcing and onboarding of new consultants, to development, performance management, and network communication. Read More »

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Empowering Associates by Being Lean and Agile

GermanyThe Lean and Agile processes our team has learned can be applied in our decision making, project and process structures, and lead us to results faster. We can get a team together to Brainwrite on different situations to answer any given question by having the group vote on the ideas they feel best answer the question. This process helps us to discover new ways of doing things faster and more efficiently. Read More »

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Schooling in Germany

German SchoolThis third installment of our Education Around the World series, takes us to Germany to learn the nuances of the German school system. Like many other countries, Germany has its own regulations, rules and nuances to discover. Read on to learn more… Read More »

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The Federal Reserve Delivers First Rate Hike Since 2006

Fed Rate HikeThe Federal Reserve announced the first interest rate increase since 2009. Read More »

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Right to Rent Legislation to Begin in 2016

Right to Rent Legislation

As of February 1st  letting agents and landlords will be legally required to conduct Right to Rent checks on all tenants aged 18 and over for English tenancy agreements. Read More »

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Top Ten Cross-Cultural New Years Resolutions!

With a new year comes new resolve! Here are ten resolutions for an intercultural-minded new year.

#10 Resolve to be HUMBLE: No one culture has an absolute lock on “right” or “wrong”, your culture or theirs. Resist judging what you see, hear, taste, experience, until you have ALL the facts. Now go renew that passport! Read More »

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I Don’t Have Time for That

It was nice to take some time off at the end of the year to relax, spend time with family and take care of somethings around the house without being in a complete time crunch. In my ten-day period of relaxation and slow-paced activities, I happened upon a reality show on TLC called Extreme Time Cheaters. With a description like “Time cheaters go to extreme measures to shave seconds off their daily routines. From doing the dishes while showering, to body waxing at work, …” how could I not be intrigued? I am always interested in work place efficiencies, so the concept naturally peaked my interest and I had some free time; so I watched some of the show. As you can imagine the people profiled on this show had some far-out, almost comical ways to save time (like having a meal at a nice restaurant put in a blender and blended so he could drink his pasta dish faster), but it definitely got me thinking about the workday and how much efficiency we lose on a regular basis. Read More »

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Supply of UK Rental Properties Under Pressure

Supply of UK Rental Properties

A 3% surcharge for all second home and buy-to-let property purchases from April 2016 was announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and looks likely to hit the supply of rented homes in the market and cause rents to rise. Read More »

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Rents Set to Soar by 2025

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) has predicted that UK rents will increase by 27% in the next decade. Read More »

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