The Intern’s First Week

Cleveland Interns

A few of the Cleveland Interns out to lunch on a Friday afternoon

What was your first impression of Dwellworks, your leader, or your team?

By Michael Epright | Cleveland, OH
Standing at the front door of Dwellworks, I cannot understand why this moment finds me at ease.
Falling easily to my nerves when immersed in a place unfamiliar, I tend to struggle with words, actions and ques. A simple “Hello” becomes input for a slowly calculated formula searching for the best response as if a smile and “Hello” back were not good enough. Finally, I blurt an output that has already been tampered by the embarrassment of an awkwardly timed response, creating utter gibberish. This is only the beginning of what turns the excitement of my first day into a derailment of mistakes and discomfort. Read More »

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The Evolution of the Employee

Evolution of the EmployeeI saw this on my LinkedIn feed this morning and thought it would be worth talking through. Anytime you try to summarize the entire labor force down into one picture you definitely run the risk of over generalizing a very complex workforce, but there is definitely some validity to this concept. I am sure that your position within your organization and the industry that you are in impacts these items, but no matter where you are these changes are definitely being felt. Read More »

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The State of the Unions

The United States and European Union represent two of the three largest economies in the world by gross domestic product (GDP), producing $17.46 trillion and $17.61 trillion respectively in 2014. Together, these two economies generate nearly one-third of the global GDP of $107.5 trillion. While there is always some level of uncertainty in the market, one thing for sure is that both economies are showing signs of improvement. Reviewing data spanning the previous 12 months, the incremental improvements of both economies becomes apparent in both growth in employment as well as growth in GDP. Read More »

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Las Vegas Living is a Bet Worth Taking

Welcome 2 VegasBright lights, 24-hour casinos, Elvis impersonators, and restaurants and buffets galore – that was my impression of Las Vegas before my conversation with Claudia, one of our local Destination Service Consultants. As someone who relocated to the area herself, she provided me with a different perspective about living in Las Vegas. Read More »

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Dreaming Big

I read a really interesting article from The New York Times recently. It was an interview with Alexa von Tobel, the CEO of LearnVest. There are a number of great insights in the short Q&A format, but I wanted to focus on the career advise that she would offer to college graduates; “Dream bigger”. I think that is just as meaningful to a recent college graduate as it is to a seasoned veteran of the workforce. Read More »

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Worldwide ERC Service Recognition Awards

During the Worldwide ERC 2015 Bob and Ilene - Distinguished Service AwardsNational Relocation Conference three of Dwellworks’ own were honored with Service Recognition Awards. CEO Bob Rosing and Managing Director of Business Development Ilene Chait both accepted the Distinguished Service Award. Jody Scannell, Director Operations, Residential Services, received the Meritorious Service Award for his past work on the Certification Review Board, which designs questions for the CRP exam. Read More »

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Hotel Congestion Likely for the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games

pan para logoFrom July 10th – 26th and from August 7th – 15th

The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, respectively will be in full force throughout the Greater Toronto Area this summer.

Toronto is thrilled to host the games this Summer and there is already a strong buzz of excitement filling the region. But for those of us in relocation, there will be challenges and the only way to ensure our customers are well taken care of is to be aware of the impact tourism and traffic will impact delivery of services and assistance. Read More »

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Hammersmith is one of the best connected hammersmith bridge london united kingdom. river thames.districts of London, with four tube lines and a huge, central bus garage. It is situated on a beautiful stretch of the River Thames, home to the famous Oxford v Cambridge boat race which takes place each year. There are rowing and sailing clubs for water enthusiasts, and it is possible to walk, run or cycle along the towpath all the way to Kingston, passing Barnes, Mortlake, Richmond, Kew and Hampton. Read More »

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How Real Time Video Translations Will Change Communication

intercultural-5712931With the limited release of Microsoft’s Skype Translator – a software capable of translating real time conversation between two people speaking different languages – the question now is what impact could there be to the conversation if cultural context is lost during translation? Our own Dean Foster sat down with Joe Pinsker from The Atlantic to discuss how even though the language may be translated, that doesn’t mean each person will still receive all of the cues necessary to fully understand the meaning behind what the other person is saying. Read More »

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One Month for Agents to Meet Transparency Rules

The final countdown hasMay27-Calendar begun for all UK letting agents to meet new regulations due to come into force next month under the Consumer Rights Act.

The legislation, which comes into effect on 27 May 2015, states that all letting agents are required to publicise a detailed breakdown of fees, as well as provide details of which client money protection scheme they are members of and which redress scheme they are in. This information will need to be displayed prominently in offices and on websites. Read More »

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