Intern Insights: Week 9

Tell us about something you learned through the group project.

By Tim Ludlow | Cleveland, OH
In today’s business world, teamwork and communication are essential to a project’s success. The Dwellworks interns have been working on a project with these same ideas in mind. The goal of the project is to create a relocation service company similar to Dwellworks with a focus on appealing to the millennial generation (those born between the early 80’s and late 90’s).
While I have completed many group projects in school, they are often disorganized and procrastinated. I have learned what it truly takes to complete a successful project in a business setting. First, I have learned that communication is a necessity, as it ensures everyone remains updated through each step. We communicate through email every day, share ideas via Google Docs, and hold weekly meetings every Monday. This constant communication is important because even the smallest of details need to be elaborated upon and discussed. We have all shared great responsibility and worked as a team. We do not have one “leader” so to say, but every person is equally involved and can take control of a meeting when necessary. Read More »

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European Leadership Team Expansion

Rhonda Olsen

Rhonda Olsen

Dwellworks welcomes Rhonda Olsen as our new Vice President, Operations in Europe. Based in the London area, Olsen will be responsible for managing our service delivery operations in Germany, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. Olsen brings more than 15 years of mobility industry experience, most recently as Group Sales Marketing Director at Robinsons Relocation, where she managed the relocation, sales and marketing divisions of the business. Read More »

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Update: Department of Motor Vehicle Changes in California

california-dmv (1)The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has made several policy changes in the last six months.  This past January, we published “Update: Driver License Application in California” to inform driver’s license applicants about the implementation of formal appointments for first-time drivers and proof of California residency when going to the DMV. Further policy changes have been implemented since our last update. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 8

Tell us something you learned through the group project.

By Emma Gallagher | Cleveland, OH
Entering week eight of this internship means to me that I no longer feel like a stranger in the office. Well-executed outfit choices are declining, knowing where to park so that the parking attendant doesn’t yell at me is increasing, and I finally know how to be productive in a group meeting. Being a business major, I have been placed in groups multiple times for projects and presentations. Most kids think going into college, “Awesome, this group projects mean less work for me.” It’s not until after the first group project that these same kids realize, “wow, people are lazy.” Learning how to work in a group effectively has been a huge challenge in my schooling because I have always seemed to end up with simply the wrong set of people. Whether they pawn off their work, wait until the last minute to complete their slides, or just flat out do not participate, I’ve seen every case scenario. Read More »

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Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

When is the right time to take action? Unfortunately, I think we all too often answer that question with “tomorrow.” I will start my diet after this ice cream sandwich… I will start my workout regime after my nap… We should wait to roll out the new system until we get through the busy season… Etc. Not taking action always feels easier in the moment. I know that my day is already pretty busy, so the prospect of embarking on a major initiative can often seem a little daunting. I may be sitting on a great idea, but I struggle to bring it up in the team meeting because I don’t want my coworkers to think I am crazy. If I don’t start training for the big race then I won’t have to suffer through the sore muscles for the next few weeks. Read More »

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U.S. + U.K. Exchange Program

Dwellworks is excited to announce the first 60-day exchange program within our global locations. Starting in July, we will be sending Marie McConnell Manager, Destination Services in the Detroit office to our U.K. office and Fran Hill, Lead Manager, Destination Services of the U.K. office to our Cleveland office. Read More »

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Local Insight: Salt Lake City

salt lake cityRecently, our team traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with Destination Service Consultants (DSC) in the area. We had the opportunity to get a tour of the city and neighboring towns from Andrea Haugen, a local DSC. As a part of her area orientation tour, she took us up to one of the ski slopes where we captured the view you see to the left.

A strong portion of the area’s economy is mining, trade, transportation, and business services. Although, the rapid expansion of information technology and software development firms in Salt Lake City has led locals to call their hometown the “Silicon Slopes” to mimic California’s Famed Silicon Valley. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 7

Tell us about something you learned through the group project.

By Erika DiCresce | Cleveland, OH
Last semester, I took a class in Organizational Behavior at John Carroll University. It was an introductory course that explains the psychological theories behind managing a successful business. One of the few vocabulary terms I remember from that class came from our discussion of how to work in teams: process gain. Process gain occurs when a team’s end result is greater than what you would expect based on the individual members’ abilities. The theory predicts that by working together, a team can maximize on each other’s skills and potentials to achieve or even go beyond their goals. Read More »

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Spotlight on: Aberdeen

Dunnottar-Castle-In-Aberdeen-47636668According to the Nationwide, house prices in Aberdeen have doubled in the last decade. In this thriving Scottish city, the North Sea oil industry has created a micro-economy which is vastly different from the rest of the UK. During the last ten years the average house price in Aberdeen City has risen by 112% and is now similar to many suburbs of London.

With more than 1000 energy-related businesses, agencies, government bodies and research institutes located here, the pressure on the housing market is immense and there is a limited supply of property in all price brackets.

Together, two of the largest letting agents in Aberdeen manage approximately 3,000 properties, although in any given week they may have fewer than 10 properties available to show would-be tenants. Read More »

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More Than Just an Aha! Moment

21st-century intercultural training must provide applicable strategies for everyday life and work. Dean Foster explains why a great intercultural training program should not only teach the cultural differences of a country or region, but it also provide practical strategies on how to apply this new knowledge to business and everyday living in their new country. In his latest article in Mobility Magazine, Dean Foster explains the differences between cultural training and cultural learning, and the three stages of cultural competency development. Read the full article here.

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