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Intern Blog: Week 3

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From now until August, each week, two of our summer interns will be highlighted as they reflect upon their experiences and work while employed with Dwellworks.

This week, we put the spotlight on Eric Shen, our Supply Chain intern in Detroit and Katie Meehan, our Destination Services intern in Cleveland, as they write about their most recent week of work and their time thus far at Dwellworks.

The People and Culture at Dwellworks

Eric Shen, Supply Chain, Detroit

Hectic, tumultuous, exciting, assiduous – words that I not only found on Thesaurus.com, but also perfectly describe my third week at Dwellworks. This third week was when Dwellworks Supply Chain launched a completely new program. The catch was that I, an intern, was given a lead role in this program’s implementation. I had loads of responsibilities, lots to learn, and very limited time. I probably experienced a whole range of emotions this week, but honestly, I was too deep in my work to even notice it. This program, lead and managed by me, was a fantastic experience to learn and grow as a young professional, and I managed to stay afloat during its launch, thanks to the incredible help and support of all my co-workers at Dwellworks. The people, and the culture of Dwellworks, is what I want to highlight.

I wouldn’t have learned so much in so little time, or woken up every day excited for work, if it wasn’t for my co-workers. It’s hard to perfectly describe the culture of Dwellworks because I think it’s a combination of a lot of little things. It’s the warm welcome you receive when you walk into the office; the realization that people only speak good things about each other; the comfort you get when you know people appreciate your work; and the fact that every single person I’ve met has said a variation of “let me know if you ever need help.” I think it’s fantastic that Dwellworks gives their interns real meaningful work and responsibilities, but what creates the Dwellworks experience is its people.

I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the internship!


Working at Dwellworks

Katie Meehan, Destination Services, Cleveland

The completion of week three is just a few hours away and I can’t believe how fast it has gone. The first two weeks were very exciting and a little hectic; I learned the ins and outs of Destination Services, opening my eyes to an industry I knew very little about. Once there was some clarity about the work we do, I was able to learn how I would be contributing to the department this summer. This is my first internship and the Dwellworks team has been nothing but supportive and welcoming, happily answering any of my questions. The relaxed culture in the office helped me enter into week three feeling much more confident with my day-to-day tasks and I am still very eager to learn more!

Dwellworks highlights the importance of work-life balance and offers many fun activities throughout the month. Between yoga on Wednesdays and different activities put on by the Engagement Committee, there are plenty of opportunities to take a quick break! Not only have I been experiencing the fun perks of a relaxed company, but I’ve also had the chance to get to know my fellow Cleveland interns. Our office being downtown, the other interns and I have been utilizing some lunch breaks to try some of the Cleveland food staples.

Moving forward, next week we will be starting our intern project, thus, in addition to our daily work, the interns in all of the Dwellworks offices will collaborate as we work on a summer-long project. I am really looking forward to the rest of the summer and getting to know everyone and the company much better!


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