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Intern Blog: Week 4

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From now until August, each week, two of our summer interns will be highlighted as they reflect upon their experiences and work while employed with Dwellworks.

This week, we put the spotlight on Abby Seelie, one of our Marketing interns in Cleveland and Samantha Sutton, our Accounting intern in Cleveland, as they write about their most recent week of work and their time thus far at Dwellworks.

What do Recent Graduates Look for in the Workplace?

Abby Seelie, Marketing, Cleveland

Throughout my search for the right summer internship, I interviewed at a number of places. This process exposed me to various office environments, company cultures, and workplace dynamics. There was quite a spectrum, where some offices were very formal and strict, while others promoted friendly relationships and a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, my first priority was to find employment doing something that fit my skills. However, during the interview process, I sought a position that fit a bill beyond that (as do many other job seekers my age). It was important that I work at a company that I "click" with. I didn't just want to merely work alongside people, punch in my hours, and get my paycheck.

Like me, recent graduates want more than that in a workplace. Many, including myself, want to work for a company that provokes and utilizes one’s passion. An inspired employee is often more effective. Young professionals have become more interested in blurring the lines between work life and social life. Things like team bonding events, corporate outings, and happy hours make for an all-around more harmonious and cheerful organization. Personal relationships between employees foster a general cohesiveness and encourage excitement for the work that they’re doing, as well.

In addition to this, young professionals care about the office environment. It’s important for us not to be in an uncomfortable, dismal office. Dwellworks is a good example of an office that defies those characteristics because it’s bright, stimulating, and built for collaboration. If you look around, you can tell it’s a contemporary office. People sit on exercise balls instead of chairs. There’s a walking treadmill with a computer attached and yoga classes on Wednesdays during lunch. Its décor is attractive and feels personal, rather than bland and institutional. Each of these components lends itself to creating a more successful company. After all, people work harder to improve something that their heart is in.


Working at Dwellworks

Samantha Sutton, Accounting, Cleveland

Hello and happy June! We are reeling in the first month of the internship here at Dwellworks and I could not be happier with the experience. With a casual, laid back environment, Dwellworks is the ideal internship for any college student. One of my favorite aspects of the internship is the location. In the heart of Playhouse Square in Downtown Cleveland, I have grown to love the downtown area. Downtown Cleveland presents us with various food choices, outside hangout spots for lunch (weather permitting), and great scenery for walks. Even though I grew up very close to Cleveland, I never took the time to explore downtown. Working downtown has allowed me to gain the love I have for the city now.

Along with the location, Dwellworks offers a casual environment that not many places in the business world offer. With accounting, I have had previous experiences visiting other companies that were all work and no play. Dwellworks is a company that presents the opportunity to experience completing work while still having fun. One of my favorite things the company did recently was give out free donuts  on “National Donut Day.” You can never go wrong with free food!

Overall, the most important aspect about Dwellworks that sets it aside from other internships is the people who work here. Everyone is very nice and willing to help when it is needed. It is great coming into work every day and enjoying the people you work with! The time is flying by, but I cannot wait for the other opportunities Dwellworks will offer in the next 8 weeks!


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