Rust Belt Cities Make a Comeback

Ask any Clevelander or Detroit native, and they can tell you all of the positive changes happening in their city.  Now that news is spreading out of the Midwest.  In Joel Kotkin’s article, The Rustbelt Roars Back from the Dead, he talks about how the industrial heartland is making a comeback as an attractive and affordable area for young professionals and thriving industries and business.

There has been a revival of job growth in these areas. Between 2009 and 2013, rustbelt cities and states dominated the country’s industrial revival. At the top of the list is Michigan, which gained 88,000 industrial jobs, a performance even greater than that of Texas, which came in second. The next three leading beneficiaries are all rustbelt states: Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

For much of the past half century, the rustbelt states suffered high levels of unemployment. But today Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin have considerably lower rates of unemployment than the national average, and considerably less than California, Georgia, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York.

Over the last three years, the Cleveland metro has risen to third in the nation in the percentage gain of young adults with a college degree, behind only Nashville and Orlando. Cleveland’s gain of 15,500 college-educated young adults was greater than Silicon Valley’s and seven times that of Portland.

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Giving Back with Some Holiday Cheer!

Whether feeding a family for the holidays or collecting toys for families in need, Dwellworks team members are always excited to lend a helping hand especially during the holiday season. Read More »

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Dwellworks Network Partners of the Year

We are pleased to announce our Network Supplier of the Year award winners for 2014. Each recipient is recognized for the exceptional service consistently delivered on behalf of Dwellworks to our valued clients. Award winners were selected based on a combination of performance statistics and feedback from the Dwellworks operating teams.

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Spotlight: Oxford, UK

oxford-headerThe university city of Oxford sits at the heart of the beautiful county of Oxfordshire. Known as the “city of dreaming spires”, it lies 50 miles to the north-west of London and is full of history and heritage, exquisite architecture and museums Read More »

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I read a lot about the differences between leaders and managers and I comment on leadership in a lot of my posts.   The book stores (more virtual than actual stores these days) are full of books by various CEOs and business leaders providing their insight into business and personal success.   Facebook and LinkedIn are littered with quotes about “leadership” and there are entire industries built around finding and developing leaders. Read More »

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2015 U.S. Real Estate Forecast

Transitioning from a rapid decrease in housing value from 2006-2007 to a rapid increase in values from 2012-2014, the U.S. real estate market looks to level out in 2015. Read More »

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DMV Changes in California Impact First Time Driver’s License Applicants

The California Department of Motor Vehicles, under Assembly Bill (AB) 60,  has issued a change requiring that all first-time driver license applicants must now make an appointment to visit their local DMV office, effective December 1, 2014.  This may impact service time for employees relocating to the area and in need of a driver’s license, as several of our local Destination Services Consultants have recently experienced delays with appointment availability.  Dwellworks will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates accordingly.  The full press release is available here.

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Learning to Collaborate and Communicate

I am going to go out on a limb and say nearly all of us come to work each day and plan to do good things.  We want to make a positive contribution to the team, we want to help our teammates and we try our best to make the company grow.  Yet, somewhere along the line things veer off track and our plan to do good things just doesn’t materialize.  Sure, we all have bad days and we are all prone to the occasional misstep; but I would argue that a lot of the “failures” we experience are a result of misunderstood expectations, confusion on priorities or just plain old miscommunication.

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London Rental Market: 2014

londonrent-2014tsIt has been a rollercoaster of a year, starting with the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme, a tightening of mortgage lending criteria and a complete change to Stamp Duty Land Tax! All of these have impacted the UK rental market, and there is continued uncertainty surrounding Mansion Tax as we approach the general election in 2015. Read More »

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UK: Home Office Clarifies Right-to-Rent and Corporate Lets

Clarification has been sought from the Home Office as to how the Immigration Act 2014 ‘right to rent’ landlord scheme will impact upon corporate lets.

Under the government’s new requirement for immigration checks, from December 1st 2014, landlords in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley are required to check the immigration status of all tenants aged 18 and over whose tenancy agreements commence on or after 1 December. This is to be rolled out across the UK from April 2015. Read More »

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