Dwellworks New York City Office Relocates

cropped ny office 2

As of June 1, we have consolidated our Destination Services, Property Advisors and DFA Intercultural Solutions teams in a single, newly expanded Manhattan office.

Our location in Midtown East/Rose Hill is a great and accessible neighborhood, easy to commute to and offering plenty of culinary options. Come visit!

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Intern Insights: Week 2

Tell us about a project you’ve been working on that has helped your department.

By Sarah Matos | Cleveland, OH
Throughout my tenure at Dwellworks, I’ve worked on several routine and non-routine tasks and projects. One of my ongoing projects is to create weekly caseload reports for our global offices. These caseload reports allow us to know how many active files each DSC has for that given week. I make these reports every Monday and I distribute the results for the Mexico, UK, Luxembourg, and Canada offices. I work with the global leads and their DS managers in order to help them understand how this report can help the company maintain efficient operations and also improve data integrity. Read More »

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Immigration Check to Roll-Out

PassportThe Queen’s Speech, read on 27th May, provided an outline for UK legislation in the coming year. To the surprise of many, immigration received only the briefest mention after being a key issue during the election campaign.

However, we expect that immigration control will return to the fore in due course and that landlords in England and Wales will be required to police the immigration status of tenants aged 18 and over, or face a fine of up to £3,000. Read More »

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Organizing Our Work Lives to Enjoy Our Home Lives

work-life-balanceI am sure that many of you are in the same predicament that I am facing. Year in and year out I continue to try and solve the problem, yet I still haven’t completely rectified the situation. Here is the predicament- I live in a cold weather city (Cleveland) and work in a summer-intensive industry (relocation) and those two things are at odds. I can finally sit out on my patio, play golf and go swimming; but at the same time the pressures of work build as we see increased activity during the summer months. These are slight exaggerations as work is actually busy year round and we can still do things outside in Cleveland year round (like rake leaves, shovel snow or scrape off car windows), but the start of summer definitely crystallizes the work/life balance for me. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 1

Cleveland Interns

A few of the Cleveland Interns out to lunch on a Friday afternoon

What was your first impression of Dwellworks, your leader, or your team?

By Michael Epright | Cleveland, OH
Standing at the front door of Dwellworks, I cannot understand why this moment finds me at ease.
Falling easily to my nerves when immersed in a place unfamiliar, I tend to struggle with words, actions and ques. A simple “Hello” becomes input for a slowly calculated formula searching for the best response as if a smile and “Hello” back were not good enough. Finally, I blurt an output that has already been tampered by the embarrassment of an awkwardly timed response, creating utter gibberish. This is only the beginning of what turns the excitement of my first day into a derailment of mistakes and discomfort. Read More »

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Spotlight On: Chelsea


Albert bridge in west London photographed after sunset

This stylish and affluent area of London is renowned for its beautiful architecture, fine dining restaurants and some of the best shopping in London. The King’s Road in Chelsea was constructed by Charles II to link his palaces at Whitehall and Hampton Court. It is famous for retail and entices shoppers, designers and antique collectors from all over the world and has been called home by royalty, poets, authors and celebrities. Read More »

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Local Insight: Mexico City

Mexico DSCs

Pilar Pla, Director, Destination Services in Costa Rica, meets with our Mexico City DSCs

Visiting Mexico evokes visions of beaches, brilliant blue water, and palm trees galore. But what about relocating to Mexico? We joined our local Destination Services Consultant network for a conversation about Mexico City relocation nuances and enjoyed a mock tour to better understand the rental market firsthand.

Here are the latest challenges facing relocating employees in Mexico City: Read More »

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National Rent Rises Across Whole Country

rental-riseAccording to recent data from HomeLet, average rents across the UK are now rising approximately in line with those in Greater London for the first time since 2008.

Looking at new tenancies across the UK, Homelet’s data shows that rents have increased by 7.4% over the three months to the end of April when compared with the same period last year. In London, the increase is 7.5%.

During the past year, London rents have risen at more than twice the rate of the UK average so this data is seen as a slowdown in London growth and an acceleration elsewhere in the UK. Read More »

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The Evolution of the Employee

Evolution of the EmployeeI saw this on my LinkedIn feed this morning and thought it would be worth talking through. Anytime you try to summarize the entire labor force down into one picture you definitely run the risk of over generalizing a very complex workforce, but there is definitely some validity to this concept. I am sure that your position within your organization and the industry that you are in impacts these items, but no matter where you are these changes are definitely being felt. Read More »

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The State of the Unions

The United States and European Union represent two of the three largest economies in the world by gross domestic product (GDP), producing $17.46 trillion and $17.61 trillion respectively in 2014. Together, these two economies generate nearly one-third of the global GDP of $107.5 trillion. While there is always some level of uncertainty in the market, one thing for sure is that both economies are showing signs of improvement. Reviewing data spanning the previous 12 months, the incremental improvements of both economies becomes apparent in both growth in employment as well as growth in GDP. Read More »

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