Ways To Be Indispensable at Work

I know I mentioned previously that I am drawn to articles that contain lists and I, like most people, love to be valued in my job; so I really enjoyed Jason Bettinger’s recent post entitled 5 Ways to be Indispensable at Work.  This is one of those posts that was in the right place at the right time.  Not only did I find this one very inspirational, I felt that it provided a way to look at our upcoming annual employee assessment.  With the end of the year comes performance evaluations and a time to reflect on our performance, our interactions and are our productivity over the past year.  I think that this post provides a great framework for each of us to think about as we assess our own performance.  Here are Jason’s 5 ways with my thoughts on each:

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Dwellworks Expands to Germany

germanyDwellworks has announced the acquisition of German destination services provider, RSB Deutschland GmbH (RSB).

The acquisition of RSB brings the award-winning and well-respected destination service provider into the Dwellworks organization, expanding Dwellworks capability to deliver single-sourced destination services solutions to clients in their markets of strategic importance.

Gene Novak, Executive Vice President of Dwellworks, stated, “Our clients require service excellence across all geographies they serve and are looking for global compliance as well as global cost predictability. We are thrilled with the quality and reputation of RSB and with Dwellworks’ increased opportunity to deliver our clients enhanced compliance, consistent service delivery, and standardized business and network management practices through our expanded supply chain.”

With consultants located throughout Germany and Austria, RSB brings nearly 25 years of industry experience, an established consultant network, and a demonstrated passion for customer service to the Dwellworks team. The company will re-brand as Dwellworks once the strategic transition plan is complete, with former owner Helmut Berg playing a key role as a strategic advisor and consultant for Dwellworks.

Helmut Berg, Founder and Managing Director of RSB, commented, “The world is getting ever more complex, and so is the relocation industry. To be able to provide premier services domestically and across borders requires the opportunity to align with an experienced, compliant, and reliable partner, which we found in Dwellworks.”

His comments were echoed by Dwellworks CEO and President Bob Rosing, “We have had many opportunities to interact with Helmut and RSB over the past several years – as a client, as an industry colleague, and as a leader in our industry. We are very excited and proud to have RSB join Dwellworks, to grow together as a leading provider of destination services, and to continue to meet the expanding needs of our clients and their customers.”

Dwellworks entered the European market in 2013 with the acquisition of County Homesearch International in the United Kingdom, and further expanded services to Luxembourg earlier this year. Dwellworks also delivers services in Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Canada.

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Dwellworks Receives Graebel Consultant Choice Award

Graebel event Bob Andrew 10_14Dwellworks was honored to receive the Consultant Choice Award in Relocation, at the Graebel Annual Relocation Alliance Conference, identifying us as the supplier their consultants preferred working with in 2014. The award is presented to companies that are responsive, creative, and embrace acting as an extension of the culture at Graebel.

“It was an honor to have our teams across all services recognized for the work they do every day,” said Lynda Lescault, Dwellworks Director of Account Management. “This acknowledgement is a reflection of our continued emphasis on quality service and partnership, as well as personalized, local service for the relocating employees we serve through Graebel.”

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Learning to Accept Support from Others

Last weekend was a landmark weekend for me.  I am not at all handy, but I undertook what was for me was a MAJOR home improvement project.  I took an underutilized closet near the kitchen, took out the existing shelves and turned it into a much more functional pantry with ample storage space.

A side-by-side of the before and after.

A side-by-side of the before and after.

This project was a really big deal for me.  This was my vision, I purchased all of the necessary parts, I built time into my schedule to work on it and it would be with my own hands that I would build it.  As I got things moving on Saturday, I soon realized that I couldn’t do all of this myself.  I needed extra hands to tear things down, which my daughter provided; I needed to seek consultation from my 15 year-old son on the best heights for the shelves, and I had to borrow a tool or two from my neighbor.  As I was wrapping up the project, I was a little concerned about the stability of shelves, and it was my wife’s critique that lead us to the center support brackets that really firmed up the entire structure.

I think this is a great business lesson for all of us.  While we all have “My files”, “My projects” and “My clients”, it is rare that we truly handle them without the support, input or guidance from our coworkers.  If I wouldn’t have asked for help the project would have taken a lot longer and the shelves wouldn’t have been level.  If I hadn’t listen to my wife’s ideas, there is a good chance the shelves could have come crashing down under the weight of the stuff we now have in the pantry.

So my challenge to all of you this week is to accept help from a teammate and listen to their advice.  It is great to take ownership of a file, a project or a client relationship, but we need to understand that we cannot always handle things alone.  Through teamwork we can be more efficient and more effective than if we try to do things alone.

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Dwellworks Earns EuRA Global Quality Seal Certification

Global Quality Seal 2010-2016Dwellworks is excited to announce it has earned the 2014-16 European Relocation Association (EuRA) Global Quality Seal certification for each of its operating countries including Canada, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. Our German service center was certified earlier this year.

This highly-regarded designation is administered by EuRA, a global mobility trade association focused on increasing the visibility of relocation services in Europe and defining standards in the relocation industry. “Preparation for the rigorous audit process was a collaborative effort among various team members and departments,” according to Ghadeer Hasan, Vice President of Quality.

Project Manager Jack Silver,  who led the certification initiative, stated, “This is a big accomplishment and speaks volumes to the stellar people and processes that define Dwellworks as an industry leader.”

The EuRA Quality Seal, jointly developed by EuRA and the German Registrar for Management Systems (DQS GmbH) in 2007, was created to provide a professional certification to relocation providers demonstrating adherence to the highest quality standards. The seal is an independent process, delivered through DQS.


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Spotlight: Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh-ScotlandAlthough easily eclipsed by Glasgow in terms of population, Edinburgh has always been the capital of Scotland and is a popular destination for tourists attracted by the vibrant culture and arts scene. Clean, compact and safe, Edinburgh comes high on the list of European cities where people would most like to live and is regarded as one of the friendliest places in the UK. It is home to approximately 460,000 people, four universities and Scottish Parliament. It is also home to many of the country’s political, legal, educational and financial leaders, benefitting from a highly skilled workforce and a booming financial services industry. Read More »

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Central London Rent Rise Predicted for 2015

London-Property-with-signA prime central London agent is predicting a 2.5% rise in rental prices for next year. Speaking about the anticipated growth in rents, a spokesperson for Strutt & Parker said: “This slow but steady growth will be underpinned by the simple fact that there are still so many people out there that can’t afford to buy a home in London and these people will continue to rent. The threat of rising interest rates will also play an important contributing factor.”

Despite having 25% less rental property available in central London than the same time last year, Strutt & Parker’s tenant registrations are up 63% year-on-year and their high end lettings service is completely oversubscribed. Knight Frank have also published their predictions for the prime central London rental market – and they anticipate a rise of 3.5% in 2015. “This rising appetite for property comes against the continuing shortage of new housing stock in the UK, putting strong upward pressure on prices in some areas,” explained Grainne Gilmore, Head of UK Residential Research. She added: “This has been especially evident in London, where both the fundamental lack of supply of new homes and a lack of existing stock on the market have combined.”

Considering demand, Zoe Rose, Head of London Lettings at Strutt & Parker, comments: “The demand for three-bedroom homes for rent in central London is seemingly insatiable. As soon as we get a good one on our books, it lets in a flash. We recently let a three-bedroom lateral top floor apartment on Cranley Gardens in South Kensington for £1,300 per week within two days on its first viewing – and similarly we let a three-bedroom apartment on Ladbroke Gardens within one week for its asking price of £1,500 per week.”

“Buy-to-let investors often believe owning a one or two-bedroom flat is a fail-safe option when it comes to attracting tenants and optimising rent – but all of our experience suggests that it’s actually three-bedroom homes that are the most sought after at present. Indeed Rightmove recently reported that more than a third of its top 5,000 most-viewed homes were all three bedroom properties.”

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UK Immigration Check Guidelines Issued

Under the government’s new requirement for immigration checks, tenants in the  Midlands will be affected from 1 December 2014.

Landlords in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley will be  required to check the immigration status of all tenants aged 18 and over whose tenancy agreements commence on or after 1 December. Landlords found renting  to persons who do not have the right to rent may be fined up to £3,000.

The scheme is set to be rolled out nationally in April 2015.

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London Real Estate: Third Quarter Exceeds Expectations

docklands-wappingThe third quarter of 2014 has seen record levels of applications for tenancies and agreed offers in the rental market according to John D. Wood. A month after the September peak, the agent reports that there is no sign of things slowing down and they are still receiving strong demand and multiple offers on quality properties.

Chestertons concurred with this data, revealing that the average monthly rent in London moved up 11.4% in the 12 months to August and now stands at £1,464.

Savills recorded the capital’s strongest quarterly rental growth in prime central London, prime North London, and East of City locations. According to their data, the highest demand was for smaller properties, particularly in prime central locations sought-after by wealthy international university students.

Savills’ ‘Prime Lettings Market in Minutes’ report also revealed that the areas favoured by young professional sharers and couples were Canary Wharf, Wapping and Islington. Over- 30s looked to Hampstead and St John’s Wood and families seeking space looked to the south-west of the capital where the average per square foot is just £29, the lowest in all prime London.

Andrew Scott, Vice President of Dwellworks’ UK office said: “The rental market has been very buoyant in recent months and this looks set to continue. The uncertainty surrounding the residential sales market in the run up to next year’s election means that some wealthy would-be buyers are continuing to rent whilst waiting to see what will happen. There is also an emerging trend towards ‘lifestyle tenants’ in the UK, who, like our European cousins, enjoy the freedom and flexibility that renting provides. Our best advice to assignees is to act decisively and make your offer quickly when you find a property you like.”


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Are we there yet? – Staying on the Right Path

Are we there yet?“Are we there yet?”  If you have young children and have taken them on a long car ride, you have inevitably been asked that question numerous times.  Unfortunately in the business world, I don’t think we ask this question enough.  Throughout the year we attend many meetings, participate in projects and handle our day-to-day job responsibilities, but I am not confident that we are always actively staying engaged or doing our part to keep everything moving ahead.  I believe that there are many “Are we there yet?” questions that we should be asking throughout the work day and if we continued to ask them we could be more efficient and more productive.

If you’re running a meeting, a few simple questions can keep your meetings moving forward- “Have we stayed on task, so we can get through the agenda by the end of the meeting?” or “Does everyone understand?”

If you are part of project team, keeping a few questions in mind can help the project stay on time and budget- “Do we agree on the next steps?” or “Is this within the scope of the project?”
For your day-to-day job responsibilities, some personal reflection along the way can keep the customer happy and your career on the right track- “Did I complete all of my tasks for the day?” or “Have I taken some time to work on my personal development?”

The questions from the backseat during that long trip are due in large part to the child’s desire to reach the end goal.  Maybe it is the beach or grandma’s house, but they are fully engaged in (and excited about) getting there, and I think we can learn from them.  We cannot lose sight of the goal and we need to continually ask ourselves and our teammates “Are we there yet?”  It will help to keep us on target and serve as a reminder of what we have ahead of us.

So, always keep asking the question.  Our destination may be as straightforward as the end of a meeting or as ambiguous as achieving happiness or career success; but routinely asking “Are we there yet?” will remind us of the work we still have to do and help us stay on the right path.

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