Hammersmith is one of the best connected hammersmith bridge london united kingdom. river thames.districts of London, with four tube lines and a huge, central bus garage. It is situated on a beautiful stretch of the River Thames, home to the famous Oxford v Cambridge boat race which takes place each year. There are rowing and sailing clubs for water enthusiasts, and it is possible to walk, run or cycle along the towpath all the way to Kingston, passing Barnes, Mortlake, Richmond, Kew and Hampton. Read More »

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How Real Time Video Translations Will Change Communication

intercultural-5712931With the limited release of Microsoft’s Skype Translator – a software capable of translating real time conversation between two people speaking different languages – the question now is what impact could there be to the conversation if cultural context is lost during translation? Our own Dean Foster sat down with Joe Pinsker from The Atlantic to discuss how even though the language may be translated, that doesn’t mean each person will still receive all of the cues necessary to fully understand the meaning behind what the other person is saying. Read More »

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One Month for Agents to Meet Transparency Rules

The final countdown hasMay27-Calendar begun for all UK letting agents to meet new regulations due to come into force next month under the Consumer Rights Act.

The legislation, which comes into effect on 27 May 2015, states that all letting agents are required to publicise a detailed breakdown of fees, as well as provide details of which client money protection scheme they are members of and which redress scheme they are in. This information will need to be displayed prominently in offices and on websites. Read More »

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Helping Others Grow

As my kids are getting older, I am finding more and more situations at home that parallel experiences at work. I just had one of those last week when I took my 16 year old to take his driver’s test. Aside from just feeling old, the whole experience really made me think back to all of those key life events we have experienced together. With his first steps, learning to ride a bike, his first day of school, losing his first tooth, or running his first race; I was there and helped him through the process. In a business setting, I can equate these same types of situations. As my Directors handle their first interview, take the leadership role on a major project or deal with a difficult client or employee situation; I have always been there to guide them, support them or step in if necessary. Read More »

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Germany Office Completes Transition to Dwellworks

RSB to Dwellworks 1We are excited to announce the transition of our Germany office (formerly RSB Relocation Services) to the Dwellworks name.

“We are pleased by this key milestone,” said Sue Hagan, Senior Vice President, Global Destination Services, “and want to acknowledge the support and effort of our entire Frankfurt team, including Helmut Berg, whose historic and ongoing commitment to top-quality, efficiency, and excellence and empathy in customer service has been an inspiration to the team during the transition.” Read More »

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For Home Buyers in Northern California, Speed is the Name of the Game

Of the top 10 fastest-moving housing markets, 8 are located in California, with San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland taking the top three spots, according to a report from Trulia. At least 70% of homes in these three areas sold in two months or less. Read More »

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UK’s Regional Rents up 6.7% in a year says HomeLet

Rustic-Cottage-To-Let2Excluding Greater London, average rents across the rest of the UK are 6.7% higher than a year ago, the highest rate of annual growth recorded by the HomeLet Rental Index since it began in 2008.

HomeLet’s Index revealed that rents are higher in every region of the UK except Wales, compared to the same time last year. The strongest growth took place in the South West of England, with rents 13.7% higher in Q1 2015 compared to Q1 2014. Outside of Greater London and the South East, the South West of England has the highest rents in the UK, with the average now standing at £851 per month. Read More »

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Would I hire me?

Would I hire me?  I am not sure that this is  a question that you are asking yourself on a regular basis, but it is something that I like to consider from time to time.  I have done a great deal of interviewing in my career.  While I am not perfect; I like to think that I have been pretty successful at hiring the right people for the right positions, so it seems appropriate for me to turn the microscope on myself once in awhile to ensure I am the right person for the role that I am in.  As part of this self assessment, I like to consider the following- Read More »

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Gene Novak Inducted into Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame

Gene Hall of Fame BGSU

Gene Novak giving his speech at the induction.


Dwellworks’ own Gene Novak, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, was recently inducted  into the Dallas-Hamilton Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Bowling Green, Ohio. Read More »

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Importance of Interacting One on One

I ran across the following quote on my Twitter feed in a tweet from the Wall Street Journal.  It was from Gail Fernandez, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and it read “Parents today are sometimes so driven to raise high-achieving children that they overlook the simple importance of…interacting one on one.”  The fact that I only did a screen grab of the quote and didn’t take the time to read the entire tweet and definitely not the entire article that was attached actually helps make my point.  Whether it is the kids at home or the team at work, I am often running too fast or focused too much on the end result to really spend the quality time with those that are important to me. Read More »

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