Intern Insights: Week 6

Tell us something new you learned from Cultural Training.

By Therese Clancy | Cleveland, OH
A benefit of being an intern at Dwellworks is the quality and quantity of professional development opportunities offered to us. From “Getting Organized” with Rob Carlson, Vice President of Global Supply Chain, to “Developing the Cultural Competencies for Global Success” with Dwellworks’ partner Dean Foster of DFA Intercultural Global Solutions, we are able to build our professional selves while continuing to partake in our everyday position.
The most valuable thing I learned from “Developing the Cultural Competencies for Global Success” is how critical intercultural training is in our globalized world. Dean walked us through the facts and figures of expatriates moving from one culture to another, which added shock value to this topic. Sixty percent of cross-border ventures don’t work out as planned, thirty percent of expats arrive from their assignment prematurely, and fifty percent of repatriates leave the company within two years of arriving home. Read More »

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Protect Deposits or Risk Fines

safe-depositsLandlords have a legal obligation to protect tenancy deposits or face fines that could run to thousands of pounds.

The new Deregulation Act means that even more tenancy deposits fall under deposit protection law and gave landlords until the 23rd June to register them in a government approved scheme.
Deposits received before 6 April 2007 for tenancies that have subsequently been renewed on a periodic basis, must now be protected. Read More »

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As we just celebrated Father’s Day, I wanted to share some of the fatherly wisdom I shared with my kids as I think it has definite applications in the business world. We talked about how important it is to always work hard towards your goals and that actions speak louder than words. Read More »

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Dwellworks Voted a 2015 “Top Workplace” in Northeast Ohio

Building 1 - editedDwellworks is pleased to announce we have recently been recognized as one of Northeast Ohio’s Top Workplaces in 2015 by The Plain Dealer. This award highlights 150 companies and organizations in the Greater Cleveland area based on employee surveys regarding their views on the organizational health, management, and engagement of their workplace. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 5

Give us an example of how you’ve experienced Dwellworks culture.

By Sarah Matos | Cleveland, OH

It is rarely a dull day for me at Dwellworks. I always have multiple tasks and projects to undertake but I divide my time according to the priority of each item. Last week I had an incredibly busy week. I had to make numerous spreadsheet reports, attend group meetings, speak to some of our international office leaders, make performance scorecards for our Mexico Destination Service Consultants (DSCs) – and lastly I had to make scorecards for our Mexico Destination Service (DS) Managers, work on scorecards for the Germany DSCs, and also manage DSC recruiting efforts in Mexico and Luxembourg.
Despite the fact that I had so much to do, I managed to complete everything and it all turned out great! Although I felt accomplished for having achieved so much in such little time, I also realize that I couldn’t have done all of that without the help and advice of my coworkers. At Dwellworks, one of our mottos is “Discover the Power of Team.” This culture is very evident in my quotidian experiences here. If I ever need help, I know I can always reach out to someone for advice. Something even more amazing is how our technology helps us bridge any distance and we can work together on things even when we are not in the same office space. Seriously, GoToMeeting screen-sharing conference calls are the best thing ever when most of the people you work with aren’t in your office – or even in your country! Read More »

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Flat-sharing


Always view rooms and a tenancy agreement before handing over any deposit.

Kent Reliance reported that the number of households renting in the UK jumped by nearly 150,000 in the year to March.

The unfortunate downside of such a huge number of rental tenants is the growing number of criminals intent on defrauding them.

This month police are hunting a fake landlord operating in Islington who managed to con more than a dozen would-be tenants out of £20,000. Meanwhile, specialist flat-sharing website EasyRoommate reckons that on average, it takes down around 1,400 fake room registrations each month out of the 40,000 listings they carry. Read More »

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U.S. State Department Technical Problems Continue to Delay Visa Processing

Visa Immigration OfficeOn June 17, 2015, the U.S. Department of State provided updates on the recent delays in processing U.S. visas. Progress with technical issues have developed slowly and may not be fully resolved before the end of June. Foreign nationals and employers may encounter extended delays for those waiting on visas, even after the system is fully restored. Read More »

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Watching a Vision Grow by Working Together

1904_Will_&_Orv_at_HPI recently read The Wright Brothers by Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough that details Orville and Wilbur Wright’s journey from their early days, through their efforts to build a flying machine and to ultimate birth of the aviation industry. Growing up near Dayton Ohio (where they lived) and often vacationing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (where they took their first flight), I have always been interested with their story; and the book did an excellent job at providing a great deal of interesting information. From a business standpoint, I was very impressed with how they accomplished this extraordinary feat. Read More »

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Intern Insights: Week 4

Interview someone in another department and ask them what their favorite part about working at Dwellworks is.

By Bill Gutermuth | Cleveland, OH

Today, I interviewed Tim Evanko from Residential Services. I learned a lot about him and I can honestly say that if you want to interview someone interesting, Tim is your guy. There were several points throughout the course of the interview that were interesting. Read More »

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Rents Rising Across UK and Break London Records


St. Katherines Dock, London

Average new rents in London have gone through the £1,500 barrier for the first time, and risen in all parts of the UK in the past three months.

According to HomeLet’s quarterly rental index, the average rent in London during May was £1,506.

New rents rose in all regions of the UK in the three months to May, compared with the same period last year. Read More »

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