Would I hire me?

Would I hire me?  I am not sure that this is  a question that you are asking yourself on a regular basis, but it is something that I like to consider from time to time.  I have done a great deal of interviewing in my career.  While I am not perfect; I like to think that I have been pretty successful at hiring the right people for the right positions, so it seems appropriate for me to turn the microscope on myself once in awhile to ensure I am the right person for the role that I am in.  As part of this self assessment, I like to consider the following- Read More »

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Gene Novak Inducted into Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame

Gene Hall of Fame BGSU

Gene Novak giving his speech at the induction.


Dwellworks’ own Gene Novak, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, was recently inducted  into the Dallas-Hamilton Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Bowling Green, Ohio. Read More »

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Importance of Interacting One on One

I ran across the following quote on my Twitter feed in a tweet from the Wall Street Journal.  It was from Gail Fernandez, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and it read “Parents today are sometimes so driven to raise high-achieving children that they overlook the simple importance of…interacting one on one.”  The fact that I only did a screen grab of the quote and didn’t take the time to read the entire tweet and definitely not the entire article that was attached actually helps make my point.  Whether it is the kids at home or the team at work, I am often running too fast or focused too much on the end result to really spend the quality time with those that are important to me. Read More »

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London Rental Market Remains Strong

The residential rental market inlondonRentalMarketRemains2 London remains strong as increasing demand continues to outstrip supply. The number of tenancies, viewings and new prospective tenants are up markedly on 2014 according to Knight Frank, who measure annual growth at 4%, the highest rate in more than three years.

The £500 – £800 per week price bracket is particularly under pressure, with conditions turning to favour Landlords who are taking their pick from multiple offers. Read More »

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Dwellworks Presented with SIRVA 2014 Partnership Award

SIRVA Award1Dwellworks was recently presented with the SIRVA 2014 Partnership Award at the SIRVA University conference. Dwellworks was selected to receive the award by the SIRVA Supply Chain Team. The award is presented to the supplier that best embodies SIRVA’s culture of partnership, consistently demonstrates excellence in key relationship indicators, has an “out of the box” mentality to finding solutions and problem resolution, and embodies SIRVA’s culture of continuous improvement.

“We are honored and thrilled to receive this recognition,” Meredith Kennedy, Vice President of Account Management at Dwellworks, stated. “This award is a testament to the diligent effort of our team to foster our partnership with SIRVA, and deliver innovative, value-added solutions to meet their needs.”

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Market Spotlight: Birmingham, England

The Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square

The Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square

Birmingham is the most heavily populated British city outside London, with over one million inhabitants. It grew from a medium-sized market town in the medieval period, to international prominence in the 18th century at the heart of the Midlands Enlightenment and subsequent Industrial Revolution. By 1791 it was being hailed as “the first manufacturing town in the world”.

Today Birmingham is a major international commercial centre, ranked as a gamma-world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. It is also an important transport, retail and conference hub. With a city GDP of $90m its urban economy is the second largest in the UK. There continues to be significant investment in urban regeneration and the city centre provides a cosmopolitan, high-quality living environment with a wide range of world-class retail, entertainment, restaurants and hotels. The fact that Birmingham ranks as the top-scoring UK regional city in the Mercer quality of living index underlines the city’s excellent cultural amenities as well as its economic heft. Read More »

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UK: Negotiating Rents

Couple shaking hand to real-estate agentAccording to the National Landlords Association, twice as many tenants are securing rents below the asking price than those who end up paying above.

Their most recent data reveals that 16% of homes in the private rental sector were secured at less than the advertised price, whilst 8% of homes were let at a higher price.

The National Landlords Association discovered significant regional differences in the data when it came to negotiating lower rents. The biggest winners were in London, where 27% of new tenancies were agreed at lower than advertised rents. The North East of England followed closely behind with 22% of tenants achieving a discounted rate. However, just 9% of properties in the East Midlands were let to tenants below the asking price, and Yorkshire and the South West both registered below-average figures of 11%. Read More »

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Tiny London Flat Let in 40 Minutes

Tiny-flat-on-Pollen-StreetTalk of London’s ferocious property market makes constant headlines in the press, but the facts are hard to deny when a tiny, one-bedroom flat in Mayfair was recently snapped up within just 40 minutes of being marketed.

The new tenant, who moved into the 301sq ft flat on Pollen Street that same afternoon, will be paying £1,560 per month for her compact home. What is more, she did not even view the flat before paying £10,000 upfront to secure it – covering the cost of the deposit, the lettings fees and six months’ rent in advance. Read More »

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England: Smoke Alarms Mandatory From October

Smoke DetectorFrom October 2015, landlords and letting agents will be required by law to ensure that working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed in all their properties.

It is understood that the government will provide grant funding and England’s 46 fire and rescue authorities will support letting agents and landlords to meet their responsibilities by providing free alarms. Read More »


Dwellworks Receives 2015 Expy Award for Coolest Internship

Coolest Internship Award

Dwellworks HR Team

Dwellworks is excited to have received the 2015 Expy Award for Coolest Internship, as chosen by the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education and Cleveland Business Connects magazine. The Expys honors Northeast Ohio’s commendable internship programs as well as the faces behind them.

Jessica Pike, Human Resources Generalist, commented on the thrill of winning the Coolest Internship after being recognized as one of five finalists for the award in 2014. “Our program has evolved into what it is today because of the strong support from the leadership team, and the willingness of our associates to help mentor our interns,” Pike said. “Everyone plays a unique role in shaping the experience of the interns and the success of the program year after year.” Read More »

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