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What type of Intercultural Training do you need?

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Are you ready to learn how to work and live like a local? Once you’ve discovered the benefits to cultural training, the next step is to determine the type of training that best fits your needs or the needs of your team. Dwellworks CultureCloud offers three options to help anyone become a cultural expert.

Culture 101

This package is completely online. The training covers cultural perceptions, negotiations, team-building, virtual communication, and more. You are also provided with a specific country guide that details religion, politics, history, and social conduct.

Culture Business

Culture Business builds on the Culture 101 package with the addition of a Culture Compass self-assessment. This assessment will reveal your personal cultural profile and highlight compatibilities and challenges you may encounter with the other cultures.

Business & Life

Designed specifically for overseas relocations, Business & Life prepares expats by offering helpful tips and strategies on creating a living abroad action-plan. This plan includes navigating daily life, working through culture shock, and potential areas of concern in each unique location.

If you’re unsure which option provides the benefits you are looking for, view our infographic quiz to help you decide.

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If you prefer an in-person culture coach, or have additional questions, visit the CultureCloud site to get started or request a demo today! To learn more about Global Workforce Development, click here to visit our Intercultural Services page.

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