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Intern Blog: Week 8

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From now until August, each week, two or three of our summer interns will be highlighted as they reflect upon their experiences and work while employed with Dwellworks.

This week, we put the spotlight on Katie Meehan and Daria Moore, our two Destination Services interns in Cleveland, as they write about the meaningful work they have completed at Dwellworks and their own experiences traveling the world.


What I Learned from Moving Abroad

Katie Meehan, Destination Services, Cleveland

Moving abroad is exciting but it comes with challenges. These challenges contribute to the excitement. I have moved abroad twice and traveled to many places; what people do not always tell you, is how much you grow as a person and learn to appreciate diversity. I spent my junior year of high school living in Slovakia- attending the local high school and splitting my time between two host families. Naturally, after 11 months there and traveling Europe, experiencing new cultures, I officially had the urge to travel. I then spent a spring semester of college studying in Prague, Czech Republic. Here’s a few things I’ve taken away from my experiences:  

Different is not bad: just because we are accustomed to acting or doing things a certain way, does not mean it’s the only way. It’s all relative. What is right in one culture may be wrong in another. I found myself embracing diversity and appreciating other ways of life. In Slovakia, for example when you toast it is imperative you toast every person individually and lock eye contact, slightly more formal than what I’ve experienced in the U.S.  

You are learning valuable skills: Living abroad pushes you out of your comfort zone. You learn some things are out of your control and how you handle situations is important. I problem solved despite language barriers and cultural differences often finding new effective ways to communicate. Learning to be flexible and feel confident in uncomfortable situations helped me attain a greater sense of independence.

Take advantage of all opportunities: The last thing you would want to do is come home with regrets. So remember to embrace your time abroad, try new foods, get to know the people and be open to their traditions.


How My Work Contributes to the Success of the Company

Daria Moore, Destination Services, Cleveland

Dwellworks is really proving itself to be a great place to complete an internship. I am provided with the same type of work the full-time associates complete every day. It’s nice to be able to dive into work that makes a contribution to the company’s success. Here in the Destination Services department, I help the managers with transferring relocating employees’ (called transferees) information onto a system where that information is processed and analyzed. In addition, I assist with assigning Dwellworks consultants (who are in various locations around the U.S.) to the transferees being relocated to other regions. Ensuring that all of the information being given to me stays organized, is crucial. Too many mistakes could lead to a very stressful and dissatisfying move for the transferee. Organizing the needs of relocating employees can become very hectic, but working with the DS team here in Cleveland has showed me a way of encountering the craziness with a calm and organized method.

Working here for 8 weeks has showed me that Dwellworks provides a work- centered, yet friendly environment that I am not used to from my previous jobs. The atmosphere here is relaxed yet productive. Being in Destination Services has expanded my understanding of the processes that go behind employees being relocated to America. It made me aware of how hard and confusing it can be to become a resident of the United States or to simply move from one state to another, especially when traveling with family.

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