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Self-Isolation Survival Guide: Working from Home

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For our associates, our clients, and everyone we work with, we're sharing tips to help keep you healthy, happy, and well during this challenging time. 

Almost all of us are familiar with working remotely, but typically not for such long periods of time. While at first, it may have been nice to focus at home, it can be difficult if the office is where you felt most productive.

Being Productive

There are plenty of articles and resources out there for having the most productive work from home day possible (and we've linked to some good ones below!) Still, everyone's situation is going to be a little different to navigate. If you're trying to manage workspaces with your spouse or trying to keep kids entertained while on a conference call, here's how you can manage a smart work from home routine:

  • Organize your space! If your desk has become more of a storage shelf, make sure you clean it off to have a productive workspace
  • Find a dedicated space you can work in every day. This will help you create a routine, and be able to have somewhere you can "leave" when you're done working
  • Paperwork might not go away, so think about what you might need. Will you need a printer or scanner while you're at home?
  • Set working hours. It's easy when we're home to just keep on working, but that can get tiring pretty quickly. Whatever your end hour is, make sure you shut the computer and go focus on something else
  • Keep connected with coworkers by video calling or speaking, rather than sending emails back and forth all day
  • Be kind to yourself — take regular breaks, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air
  • Check out these articles for more tips:

Keeping the Kids Occupied

With schools being closed, the prospect of managing homeschooling and work is tough and overwhelming — and that's okay. Here are tips to help you create balance in your day (and keep the kids busy):

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