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How to Best Use Relocation Program Hours

If you are moving to Memphis to Miami, Beijing to Bangalore, or Rio de Janeiro to Reykjavík, there are certain parts of the moving process that are always essential. Plane tickets must be booked. Belongings are carefully packed and shipped. Farewells are said. But what about the relocation program? Fellow expats or corporate teams might have differing suggestions for how to allocate program hours. Dwellworks Relocation Assistance generally recommends the following when it comes to budgeting this valuable time.

1. Home Finding

Almost always, it is recommended that you start with budgeting hours for the home finding process. Depending on the difficulty of the market you are relocating to, the home finding process can be quick or complex. Planning generously for finding a rental that checks all your boxes will help keep stress levels in check. 


One area that often requires a great deal of time and consideration is the School Finding process. If you have children, be sure to allot a little extra time for this as it often affects where you live and can be one of the most important determining factors of what neighborhoods to look at during Home Finding. 

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2. Area Orientation

Next, prioritize getting acquainted with your new neighborhood. Exploring the area by visiting essential places like the grocery store, park, pharmacy, and top restaurants will make you feel part of the community in your new home. A Dwellworks Local Consultant will be happy to share their own tips and experiences with you. 


Image of a local guide touring an expat

3. Settling In

Finally, use the remaining program hours for assistance with settling in tasks. These tasks can be administrative, like updating a driver's license. Unfamiliar processes like this may seem complicated at first if you are new to an area, but a local guide helps immensely to walk you through the process. 


For many, a part of moving to a new country and settling in can mean learning the culture and nuances of your new home. From interacting with employees at work, to how to handle produce at the market, learning those small local practices can feel daunting and sometimes all you need is a little help learning the local culture.

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An essential place to start when planning how to spend your allotted relocation program hours is with determining your requirements. Each program is customized to the needs of the relocating employee, which means your time will be spent in an effective way. Balancing your company policy and personal needs can seem daunting, but Dwellworks Rental Assistance proves it does not have to be overwhelming. 

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