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The Role of a Destination Consultant

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In many of our blogs and writings, we refer to our Destination Consultants, Destination Services Consultants, or just consultants. We talk about them so often we even have an acronym; a DSC. We also talk about how wonderful they are and that they are the outward face of Dwellworks Destination Services. They are our local experts, a helping hand, and a comforting voice during the moving process. But what does all this mean? How do they play a part in our services? What do they really do? Well, we want to demystify these questions and shed some light on the diverse job of a DSC. 

The roles played by a Destination Services Consultant are many and varied. The day-to-day depends on the needs of the clients so no day is the same. 

The Local Expert

Their role first and foremost is to act as a local expert, providing a unique “insider’s only” view into the neighborhoods and towns that make up their community. They must then learn the preferences and needs of each transferee and their family so they can match them with the right community. Playing matchmaker is not an easy job; it requires a great deal of knowledge about their area and its distinctions.

The next step is home finding. Relocating employees depend on their consultant to navigate the rental market. From sorting through Zillow listings to working with agents and brokers, the home finding process is one of the biggest stressors in relocation. They work in partnership with local landlords and property managers – vetting properties, setting appointments, dotting I’s and crossing T’s to ensure that the home finding process yields a match to the criteria set forth by the client. The Destination Services Consultant allays fears, slays the scam listing dragons, and provides insight into often confusing leasing, utility and move-in process.

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The Welcome Committee

It is said that one of the biggest hurdles in relocation is to help the client, their spouse, and family integrate into the new community. This is where Settling-In services play a vastly important role. Not only does the consultant provide assistance with obtaining social security numbers, driver’s licenses, bank accounts, etc., they also provide highly coveted community information. DSCs seek out everything from language courses and where to take them to cultural groups and centers to the best recreation opportunities for their client. Having a social security number and bank account are very important, but the small details locals take for granted are hugely important to the relocating employee and family. Feeling truly comfortable means transferees can settle into their routines without having to worry where the closest pharmacy is or the best Thai restaurant.

The Compassionate Listener

For Dwellworks, the role consultants take on as the compassionate listener is the most important of them all. Finding a home and settling-in are key, but offering reassurance to the family or significant other when woes and fears about the upcoming relocation arise, is what can make a lasting impact on a person. In many cases, consultants become the first friend to clients and in many cases, become lifelong friends too. The bond established between consultant and client can be what makes or breaks a relocation experience. 



It is the job of the consultant to ensure a calm, positive and outstanding relocation experience. If you have ever experienced relocation, you may know that “home” isn’t necessarily a place; sometimes, it’s a person. Through their helpful actions, a Destination Consultant thoughtfully builds the sense of security that transferees require when arriving in a new place. When a transferee feels at home, they can confidentially and efficiently launch into their new position at work. Destination Service Consultants are here for the clients, in partnership with RentAssist™!


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