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Vamos! Tips and Tricks to Maneuver Traffic in Mexico City

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Whether you have been in Mexico City for one hour or one year, you will likely notice how bad traffic can be in parts of the city. In fact, Mexico City often holds a place on lists of most congested cities around the world. While this can be a headache for busy business travelers, Dwellworks Corporate Housing helps minimize the inconvenience of endless traffic jams. Here are a few ways those staying in Mexico City can make it to meetings on time! 

Public Transit 

Mexico City is very densely populated, plus many people from surrounding areas head into the city for work. The metro system helps move great numbers of people around the city at a very reasonable fare. The metro system, or Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro, is known as the "STC." This network is great for getting around the city, as Mexico City is deceptively large. The Tren Suburbano and Tren Ligero offer connections further outside the city.

"Bumper-to-bumper highways with blazing horns is more than just annoying drivers...being stuck in a traffic jam is costing businesses [in Mexico] big bucks." -Nambiar, CNBC

Another low cost option for public transportation is the bus system. Busses offer plenty of flexible options for both long and short journeys. After you familiarize yourself with the local routes, you may consider taking a bus to explore other parts of beautiful Mexico. People who ride the metro and bus as part of their commute appreciate the extra time to read, check e-mail, or make phone calls. Whenever taking public transportation in a major metropolitan city, it is always wise to brush up on safety tips

Image of sights to see in Mexico

Healthy Alternatives

Biking and walking are two of the most efficient ways to avoid traffic snares. Plus, this environmentally friendly option reduces pollution while improving your personal health. Biking around the city has increased greatly in popularity in recent years, so the government is taking action to support this trend. Image of motorcyclists in Mexico City

Some people may be surprised to learn that Mexico City has a fairly mild climate year round. This makes walking to work a pleasant way to start and end your day. 

Ride Sharing

Since many expats and business travelers in Mexico City choose not to have a car, ride sharing apps are essential for some situations. The metro and bus systems run less frequently at night, so ride sharing is an efficient way to get home. 

Image of a ride share driver in Mexico City

There are also car pooling options available through these apps, which lower the cost of the ride. Car hailing services are available in major cities throughout Mexico

Strategic Moving

If you are considering temporary accommodation in Mexico City. Dwellworks (a relocation services provider with corporate housing fulfillment solutions) recommends that you try to find a rental property close to work. Our temporary housing apartments are conveniently located near popular business districts and public transit stations. By booking these properties, it is much easier to avoid traffic altogether. 

Image of a store interior in Mexico City

If you are moving to Mexico city for a long- or short-term international work assignment, Dwellworks Corporate Housing ensures that you will feel at home quickly.

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