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Ways To Be Indispensable at Work

I know I mentioned previously that I am drawn to articles that contain lists and I, like most people, love to be valued in my job; so I really enjoyed Jason Bettinger’s recent post entitled 5 Ways to be Indispensable at Work.  This is one of those posts that was in the right place at […]…
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Learning to Accept Support from Others

Last weekend was a landmark weekend for me.  I am not at all handy, but I undertook what was for me was a MAJOR home improvement project.  I took an underutilized closet near the kitchen, took out the existing shelves and turned it into a much more functional pantry with ample storage space. This project […]…
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Are we there yet? – Staying on the Right Path

“Are we there yet?”  If you have young children and have taken them on a long car ride, you have inevitably been asked that question numerous times.  Unfortunately in the business world, I don’t think we ask this question enough.  Throughout the year we attend many meetings, participate in projects and handle our day-to-day job […]…
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Qualities of Good Leaders

At Dwellworks, we’re lucky to have many great leaders among us. Being a leader is both a privilege and a duty and there are some attributes that the best leaders share. Setting the proper example – No matter what role we play in the organization, we are setting an example for our teammates. Setting the […]…
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Diversity as an Advantage

“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” –Jimmy Carter This great quote, originally addressed to the United States as a whole, also describes at a very basic level the power and potential of a great team.  Oftentimes, team members are all very […]…
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Housing Price Recovery Slows Nationally

Per the Case-Shiller report, home-price gains across the country eased a bit in June, spurring concerns that rising mortgage rates are slowing the recovery.  Economist Stan Humphries acknowledged that the June report fails to reflect the impact higher rates are having on house prices, stating that that won’t happen until the July data is released […]…
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Property Management in the Government Sector

Property Management services are programs provided by private companies or the government that help relocating employees manage their previous residence as a rental property. By allocating an allowance for Property Management services, the government reduces overall government relocation costs by using Property Management services in place of allowances for the sale of the residence. Furthermore, these allowances relieve employees who are transferred to duty […]…
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Should You Buy Now?

We are hearing a lot about historically low interest rates and rising existing home prices, so those would typically indicate that you should get in while you still can.   In a recent article by Melinda Fulmer of MSN Real Estate, she provides some deeper analysis behind the headlines that would indicate that most buyers still […]…
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10 Cheapest Cities to Live In

Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine released their list of the 10 cheapest U.S. cities to live in based on the cost of living expenses.  Those costs include housing, medical care, utilities and groceries among other items.  The list is heavy with southern cities and definitely reflects areas where housing prices and rents are well below the […]…
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Are home prices on the upswing?

A recent article has presented data to demonstrate that nationally home prices bottomed out in January 2012 and we are beginning the slow climb upward.  It would appear that most signs are pointing towards a rebound:  Miami, Phoenix and Las Vegas posted home-price gains in May, home prices helped lift 700,000 homeowners above water in the […]…
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