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Consumers Beware: Rental Fraud a Major Problem in the US

As more and more people use the internet for their home finding needs, there has been a significant increase in an alarming trend – rental fraud. In fact, a recent study conducted by...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Addressing a Reconsideration of Value

As more and more appraisal reports are disputed and scrutinized, it can be incredibly frustrating for appraisers. After all, appraisers render an opinion of value, and like all opinions, they are...

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Top 5 Features That Either Increase or Decrease Property Values

Not only are renovations exciting due to the improvements they bring your home, but they also can increase your home's resale value. However, it’s important for homeowners to practice caution when...

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Dwellworks Attends Collateral Risk Network Conference

Recently, Vice President of Operations for Dwellworks Residential Services Division, Tim Evanko, had the pleasure of attending the Collateral Risk Network (CRN) Conference in Clearwater, FL....

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How to Build a Good Relationship Between AMCs and Appraisers

All too often the actions of an individual business can shape the perception of an entire industry segment. For example, if someone has a bad experience with a restaurant, they are not likely to...

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Why is Highest and Best Use So Important to the Appraisal Process?

Most appraisal textbooks define "Highest and Best Use" as the most profitable, legally permitted, economically feasible, and physically possible use of a piece of real estate. In some cases, this...

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Measuring the Millennial Impact on the Mortgage Industry

The average age of today’s first-time home buyer is 30 years-old, which means they fall under the infamous millennial age bracket. The mortgage lending industry has already begun to feel the...

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What’s Causing the Appraiser Shortage and What Can Be Done About it?

Within the past 10 years, the number of licensed appraisers has decreased by nearly 25 percent. Furthermore, the current crop of appraisers continues to grow older. According to the Appraisal...

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Three Keys Every Appraiser Should Know

From the Valuation Review article Know what's expected of you (Part Two)

The successful management of an appraiser’s caseload must have significance in the overall scheme of things. Dwellworks...

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A Refreshing Appraisal Approach: the Power of Proactivity

From the Valuation Review article Reviewer offers insight to avoid aggravation (Part One)

Too often, appraisers get very tense and self-conscious when it comes to reviews. A general understanding...

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