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Destination Services: A Story of Friendship

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When a Destination Services Consultant (DSC) is assigned a program, they jump right into action to help transferees become familiar with their new location as soon as possible. However, as many in the industry know, the personal settling-in process for the transferee can take much longer than the authorized length of service.

Our consultants often go beyond their assigned duties to develop creative solutions to support the individual needs of each transferee. An example of this commitment was displayed in San Diego this past year. Local DSC Ruby Roof observed several incoming transferees who were all expressing some difficulty adjusting to their new home.

"I noticed they were roughly the same age, had common backgrounds, and were choosing similar living areas. I mentioned how alike they all were and how fun it would be to introduce them to one another,” Ruby said. “They were all receptive to meeting other young professionals in the area, especially those who had similar interests."

Image of the beach in San Diego

With that, Ruby began planning a special event for her transferees. She reached out to contacts in her professional networks to see if they could attend and share about their experiences in San Diego. Their participation allowed the transferees to meet some established professionals in the area, add more resources, and learn about life as a local. 

Dwellworks Destination Services Consultants are carefully selected to ensure the best service possible is provided for each person. We understand that relocation is an incredibly stressful process, and we strive to do all we can to reduce the challenges associated with settling-in to a new location.

"I looked for a fun, light way to build relationships, explore new areas, and meet new people in the community," said Ruby.

The transferees were welcomed at a beach club for complimentary appetizers, cocktails, and karaoke, where they had the opportunity to get to know one another. As it turned out, two of the attendees worked for the same company, but had not met until they introduced themselves at the event! Conversation was easy, as many transferees discussed their mutual experiences and were eager to exchange advice. Many new friendships were established as their networks expanded, and all the attendees were grateful to share such wonderful company. 

Image of young professionals exploring in San Diego

According to Ruby, maintaining relationships with transferees comes with the territory. "Dwellworks offers such a valuable service. When a new transferee arrives, they are so grateful for the support we provide. We become pretty good friends over the course of several weeks or months." 

For fellow DSCs, here are some tips from Ruby on successfully connecting with transferees:

  • Connect with them in a face-to-face context as soon as possible; Ruby recommends using Zoom, a software similar to Skype
  • While using Zoom, give the transferee access to view your screen. Show them images of their new city; go over driving routes; look at real estate sites with them
  • Use your personal network! When making local recommendations, suggest people who you know personally and who you trust
  • Make e-mail introductions to your network right away. It creates respect and trust
  • Clean and prepare your vehicle for the time spent driving with your transferee. Consider stocking it with bottles of water and snacks
  • If your transferee has children, interact with them! Often, parents' first concern is their child(ren)
  • Provide small toys, coloring pages, or other entertainment for children. Coloring pages that reflect the local culture are great
  • Transparency is key. If a transferee connects with you on social media, it could be a great way to build a strong relationship with them

Dwellworks is privileged and grateful to have such thoughtful local experts around the world who offer insight for newcomers of all ages and backgrounds. It goes to show when consultants genuinely care for the well-being of the transferees they serve; the result of the experience is far greater than anything they could have found on the web.

Do you want to join Ruby and our team of brilliant Destination Services Consultants?  

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