Great Lakes Relocation Council Conference

FullSizeRenderThe Northeast Ohio Relocation Roundtable (NEORR) was the host of this year’s Great Lakes Relocation Council Conference held on September 17-18th in Cleveland. Rob Carlson and Andrew Horvath are members of the Board of Directors for NEORR and helped to coordinate the event. Dwellworks had the opportunity to have several of our associates volunteer at the conference Read More »

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Top 10 Tips for Communicating with Anyone in the World

Even if you’re not crossing oceans, time zones, or into new cultures, communication can be tough. Just think about how hard it is to communicate with your most intimate contacts; your significant other, your kids, your friends. In international business, when we add the pressure of work and deadlines, as well as language and cultural differences, communication gets even more complicated. With all that in the mix, it’s not hard for communication to really break down. To help ease those stresses, we’ve compiled the top 10 tips for more successful communication with anyone in the world. After all, good communication is key for good business. Read More »

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Are You a Visionary or Implementer?

The longer I work, the more clear to me that it takes a team to fully accomplish greatness. There are the dreamers who identify new business opportunities or reinvent an existing one, but they often lack the skillset to put that vision into practice. There are the implementers who have an expertise at turning that vision into a workable business model, but would have been hard pressed to see the bigger picture needed to create that new idea. On a more technical level, there are the IT experts who excel at turning an idea into an operating system or application, leaders that are trained to manage people and salespeople who are experts at client interactions. Read More »

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Average Price of a Flat-Share in London

flat-share-in-londonLondon workers who are struggling to afford accommodation in the city are increasingly deciding to share in their preferred area rather than enjoy their own space in a less desirable postcode. Read More »

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Local Insight: Minneapolis

MinneapolisMinneapolis is a place where nature meets skyscrapers; where you’re greeted with a warm smile and a friendly demeanor. Known as the Mill City – a throwback to its early flour milling days – today, Minneapolis is vibrantly alive with city dwellers in ever-increasing numbers, bustling between cool shops and hot spots. Its solid metropolitan core is host to three professional sports teams, several fortune 500 companies, world-class shopping and an urban culture flush with a cosmopolitan attitude. Read More »

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Schooling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg ClassroomThe first installation of our series, “International Education Nuances”, highlights schooling in Luxembourg. When relocating with children to Luxembourg, it is important to know that the school system varies from other countries around the world.  Nuances range from what children wear to interactions with teachers to what time school is held during the day.  Read More »

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Fall in Montreal

MontrealFall in Montréal is one of the best times of the year to explore the city and take in the last warm rays of sunshine as the weather slowly changes over to winter. Be ready for fun-filled weekends with warm days with cool nights as you delight in the ever-changing colours of the foliage and scenery. Fall will surely become one of your favourite seasons to discover La Belle Province! Read More »

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Record High Renewals Causes Stock Issues

record-high-renewalsAccording to Knight Frank, rental values in prime central London fell in July as demand became more subdued. The International Agent recorded a fall of -0.1%, the first decline since February 2014 and meant annual growth slowed to 2.9% (having peaked at 4.2% in May).

Knight Frank reported that this has prompted landlords to make it more attractive for tenants to remain in place, resulting in higher renewal rates. Read More »

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Solar Panels Growing in Popularity Among U.S. Residents

Solar PanelSolar energy is the hot topic around much of the U.S. The popularity of solar panels on homes is on the rise with the combination of increasing electric costs, available federal and state government incentives, and the decrease in cost to have and install solar panels on one’s home. Dwellworks recently presented a Worldwide ERC Learning Zone webinar on Solar Panels and the findings were… enlightening! Read More »

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Avoid the Forest Fire

All too often I hear us offer excuses for rude or unprofessional behavior because the teammate is passionate about the topic- “You will have to excuse Rob, he didn’t mean to yell at you. He is just very passionate about being organized.” Passion is defined as- a strong and barely controllable emotion. It is that thin line that separates professional success and career derailment. Read More »

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