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5 Ways to Know if Corporate Housing is Right for You

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After accepting your relocation offer, you will be presented with decision after decision to make. One of the most important choices is where you will be living during your months away from home. When it comes to moving for a work assignment, we know there are plenty of housing options out there, but how do you know which is the best option to fit your needs? If any of these five reasons apply to you, the decision is easy! Corporate Housing could be your best housing option for a temporary assignment. 

1) You’re moving for a long period of time, but not permanently

Work assignments vary greatly in length of time; sometimes, the end date may not even be known prior to departure. For everyone from frequent business travelers to long-term expatriates, Corporate Housing units, or furnished apartments, present a variety of options that simply are not available in other accommodations.

For pet owners, Corporate Housing is by far the best option. Certain units have particular features to accommodate your pet, so you do not have to explore arranging long-term care for your pet in your home town. Additionally, you will have a furry friend to greet you and join you in the adventure. 

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2) You want to experience the local culture

Preparing for an international move is an exciting endeavor. Corporate Housing permits the most immersive experience available. With these hand-selected units, you will be placed in a comfortable neighborhood among locals. This way, you can start settling into a new routine while exploring the city around you. You'll have a comfortable place to unpack, decorate, and make feel like home.

Image of a furnished corporate housing unitImage by ErikaWittlieb on Pixabay 

3) You’re looking to save money

No matter your budget, considering Corporate Housing units will allow you to get the highest value for your money. It opens up options that would be unavailable otherwise. Plus, there are countless other ways that Corporate Housing increases the value of your experience for both you and your company. 

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4) You’re moving with a family

Relocating with a family presents a whole new category of decisions. Top of mind is typically ensuring the safety of your family, which is a requirement for units leased and operated by Dwellworks Corporate Housing and other Temporary Housing Providers. To explore more benefits of living in Corporate Housing with a family, read Tips for Staying in Corporate Housing with Kids.

Image of a father and daughter in Corporate Housing

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5) You may need the option to extend your stay

One of the best benefits of Corporate Housing is the expectation and use of considerate contracts. Corporate Housing providers are aware that guests in temporary housing may require flexible lease terms, and they are often willing to work with occupants to find an ideal and accommodating solution. If the thought of packing and unpacking frequently in a foreign country makes you tired, eliminate your headache by moving into Corporate Housing from the start.

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Trust the experts when it is time to find a home in a new city. Corporate Housing Providers can provide valuable insight and assistance into the temporary housing process.


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